The return of the laptop.

With the impending traffic light system we decided that we needed to get Kea a laptop for photography. After looking around, she liked a lenovo thinkbook So ordered, with what she needs.

Receipts kept for tax. We get it, and the thing does not work. The screen is shot. So call company, who say return it. Went in: the only replacement machine they had was on display. We swapped for that machine, got a bag for it, and went on our way.

At the same time, we have now swapped the SIM cards in our phones, and moved to the cellphone company with the best rural coverage. When I was there I asked about when 5G would be rolled out. The answer is mid next year. Our phones at present need recharging about twice a day, so we will try to eke them out until then.

In the meantime, another reason to select your webhosting company carefully.

GoDaddy has admitted to America’s financial watchdog that one or more miscreants broke into its systems and potentially accessed a huge amount of customer data, from email addresses to SSL private keys.

In a filing on Monday to the SEC, the internet giant said that on November 17 it discovered an “unauthorized third-party” had been roaming around part of its Managed WordPress service, which essentially stores and hosts people’s websites.

GoDaddy’s chief information security officer Demetrius Comes said his company “immediately began an investigation with the help of an IT forensics firm and contacted law enforcement.”

Those infosec sleuths, we’re told, found evidence that an intruder had been inside part of GoDaddy’s website provisioning system, described by Comes as a “legacy code base,” since September 6, gaining access using a “compromised password.”

Homebrew servers can be made. The issue, very much, is keeping them connected and keeping them safe. At present, that means sticking pretty much to places which are up 99.999%. This does not include the servers at work: they go down.

Overnight the country has decided to move to a digital currency, with submissions due by 2nd December. This is going to fail.

  • The cash economy is increasing. As the mandates banning people from work bite, a fair number of people are going to work cash only
  • The government has a track record of insecure and failed projects. In today’s paper there is an admission that the vaccine passport system is not going to stop people using someone else’s pass.
  • There needs to be a way to make things work quietly. Giving gifts. Paying kids pocket money. Donating money anonymously. If there is not cash, there will be something else. That something else will become the real currency

It could be precious metals, it could by etherium, it could be anything. But it won’t be an insecure governmental digital system.

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15 days ago

Agreed. There always has been, and always will be, some sort of barter economy, with an unofficial currency.
In US prisons it used to be cigarettes; I’ve heard that in some of them it is now tuna fish packets, drugs, etc – anything but dollars!