The Storm.

The vaccine is unsafe in kids. There are estimates that the jab will kill over 100 kids for each kid it saves from COVID. That should be enough to stop vaccinating the under age. However, Amy says that San Francisco is going to make it compulsory for all kids in that city.

Another good reason not to live in cities. I’m old, a curmudgeon, and old. Kids are innocent. This will kill some of them. And mandated means parents have no choices. This will go really badly.

I know some of you have very high paying jobs. I know they are tied to big cities. I know the mandates are coming. I have 11 days, unless the government changes its mind — which will be a miracle — until I lose mine. If you have kids. Get. Out. Now.

It is too late for Auckland. There is now a internal border. Get into the country, before it is too late, and your kid comes home with a shot you did not agree to.

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1 month ago

Come on now, let’s not get hysterical. It’s not a mandate unless you refuse to get vaccinated. 😁