Quotage, Gab and Mail.

Andrew Torba has the COVID. Living in the States, and having a network of doctors and researchers on Gab, he was able to access early treatment. He’s written a long post on this. The comment I noted was:

What I’ve noticed is that fighting this virus has been a spiritual battle. Far too many Christians have given into the fear crafted by the Enemy instead of heeding the command God gives us over and over again in the Bible to “fear not.” I tackled the virus the same way I tackle anything in life: by Fully Relying On God. F.R.O.G.

After two years of watching the non-stop fear porn stream across every media outlet all hours of the day you have to stop and remind yourself that God is in control and fully surrender to Him. Not having cable and removing both Fox News and CNN from your life helps a lot with this, take note Christians.

There is a sort of evil presence you experience while infected with the virus that is difficult to explain, but those who have had it know exactly what I’m talking about. During the most extreme moments of fatigue I prayed over and over again for the angels of the Lord to surround me and for the healing hand of the Holy Spirit to give me rest and comfort. God answered my prayer.

Vox Day comments are good for our morale. He notes the situation in Europe, and says… time to chill.

Austria has imposed the most draconian lockdown yet. Several Italian governors are calling for the same. The Czech Republic and Germany are reported to be considering similar measures. Other countries may do the same in their desperation to force the vaccine-proof to submit to the insanity.

So what?

This is a sign of weakness on the part of the wicked authorities, not of strength. It is an exercise in complete futility. Nothing can be easier than outlasting the authoritarian absurdities. The coronavirus will continue to rage among the vaccinated, as they stroke out, suffer heart attacks, and die of vaccine-destroyed immune systems.

Just stay home.

You’re not going to starve. You’re not going to be unable to work. Go to the store, stock up, and lay in a good supply of books, movies, and DIY projects. Watch a Darkstream. Read Arktoons. Enjoy an afternoon coffee. Declare an early wine o’clock.

This is the easiest persecution anyone has ever suffered in human history.

Kea and I walked up a hill behind the house this morning, to where the memorial for one of her relatives, dead in the first world war, is. They had it tough. I’m merely working through jobs needed before an interview around the job tomorrow — with the boss already trying to find people to cover me.

We should have peace. Our rulers do not have any, for, as Torba noted, the war is spiritual.

Chris Hipkins said in parliament yesterday that the vaccine hesitancy from the Maori is due to misinformation from white supremacists.

Does he mean this bunch?

Regardless, he is being pwned in parliament by the weasel. I agree with the weasel on this: you can’t take stuff. From Hansard. Not misinformation

Just to be completely clear about what section 11 says, it says, in subsection (1)(d), “in relation to laboratories that undertake COVID-19 testing, by—(i) setting quality control measures … (ii) requiring test results to be reported … (iii) managing the supply of testing consumables …. (e) requiring the owner or any person in charge of a specified laboratory of any laboratory that undertakes COVID-19 testing to—(i) deliver or use in accordance with directions given under the order specified quantities of COVID-19 testing consumables that the Minister considers necessary for the purpose of the public health response … (ii) undertake COVID-19 testing solely for the purposes of the public health response to COVID-19 while subject to the order,”. What this means is that if you invest in the very thing the Government says it wants, then you might get all your stuff taken, and as Eric Crampton, the economist from the New Zealand Initiative, has pointed out, if the Government is worried about power cuts, telling people that anyone who invests in a generator might get their generator stolen by the State is not going to make people want to invest in generators.

These people, for example at Rako Science, have worked incredibly hard for almost two years, using their ingenuity, investment, and contacts with people overseas to bring this technology to New Zealand, and now the Government’s saying, “Actually, if we need it, we’ll just take it.” Taking people’s stuff is always bad but it’s particularly bad when it has the opposite effect of what it wanted.

Here’s the second issue. The Government says that there will be compensation at a market price. Well, here’s the thing: there is no market for this stuff. The whole reason there’s a shortage and they want to compensate it, is that there are very few willing buyers and very few willing sellers that they can actually work out what a market price is. So when you say there’s going to be compensation at a market price, that’s meaningless—there is no market price so there is no meaningful compensation. Then they say, “Well, if you don’t like the market price you can appeal.”, but actually—no, sorry, I made a mistake there. That’s what you’d expect in a normal lawful jurisdiction, a First World, developed, Western nation like New Zealand—that if you go and get a judicial decision and you disagree with it and there are problems with the decision, you can actually appeal to a higher court. We’ve got the District Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court. After that you’re kind of stuffed but you get four goes. And this law says, “Actually, you can’t appeal beyond the District Court.” This is an extraordinary thing to do.

What is more, you then ask “What does this do to New Zealand’s international reputation?” We’ve had over the last four years the idea of being able to search for oil and gas off the shores of New Zealand. That was totally erased—no Cabinet paper, no consultation; just a “podium-ocracy” where the Minister gets up and says, “We’re not going to allow that any more, and all your business plans are wiped.” People have asked what you can do about that and I’ve said that if the Government changes we can actually reverse that law, but we can never rebuild the trust of the global community who now see New Zealand as a place that’s a little bit more of a banana republic and a little less likely to offer you secure property rights.

Then we had a Government that said, in the middle of a crisis, “If you have a contract that you signed in, say, 2010, to have an arrangement between two people, an agreement they voluntarily entered into to pay rent in return for the service of providing property at a certain standard, well guess what? That may have been the law when you signed the contract but we are now changing the law retrospectively so the contract you signed will be judged under today’s law, not under the law of the time.” This is an extraordinary thing. If living in a civilised society with the rule of law means anything, it’s that you can only be judged for the things did under the law at the time you did them. You can’t have the goalposts shifted and be punished for doing something that wasn’t actually wrong when you did it. So the Government retrospectively changed the law on commercial contracts. Then it comes along and says that if you have—and Chris Hipkins is muffling away there from behind his mask. He’s getting very agitated. Chris Hipkins is a very conflicted man here.

The police will be able to appoint officers to manage the new COVID laws, and this is not that defined by the same minister. Who wrote me, saying the only option was the Pfizer vaccine. Despite the Astra Zenica one being approved. The police are not that happy.

This is not legal advice, but given that the cops say they will do random checks of your vaccine status…

The government has said that the police will issue $1000 fines at their discretion. This is how they offload liability onto the police. The police are unaware that a mandate requires consent, and if the police take disciplinary action against the public, then all legal liability falls on the police officer. When the dust settles and the trials begin, the only party charged with a crime will be the police officers who broke the law by enforcing a mandate. Mandate is not defined in NZ legislation, because it is not law. It is also a breach of the health act for a police officer to ask for your medical history. So coppas: if you don’t want to go to prison, start asking people if they consent

There are very interesting emails happening right now. This is from Bob McRoskie, from the family first foundation.

Apologies for an email so soon after the last one – but we asked a simple question yesterday – have you lost your job because of the vaccine mandate?

And you certainly told us! Our inbox almost exploded. To be honest, it was depressing reading because so many of the emails revealed huge stress and grief. It also revealed that the “no jab no job” policy is not just affecting so-called “high risk” jobs.

Here’s just some of the jobs that you told us you’re being sacked from:
Truck drivers
Horse eventers
Participants in cycling competitions
Tennis coaches
Scrap yard workers
Administrators with no client contact
Apprentice electrician
Bus drivers
Doctoral students
Industrial sector workers
Courier drivers
Automotive painters
Volunteer firefighters
Construction site workers
Structural architects
Road maintainers
Fitness instructors
Aircraft engineers
Volunteer driving instructors
Mechanical engineers
Office administrators
Nighttime security guards
Business intelligence analysts
Grounds maintenance workers
Sales managers for automotive sector
Part time student farm workers
Automotive mechanics
Plumber, drainage, gas fitter apprentices
Racing horse trainers
Table tennis coaches
Event hire businesses
and many many more………….
That’s why we’re calling on the Government to allow the use of COVID rapid antigen testing as an alternative for unvaccinated kiwis.

In fact, with our new understanding of the waning immunity of the vaccine, we believe testing (and isolation if required) is an important component moving forward. Having it as an option is much fairer – and it doesn’t divide us.