The traffic lights have only two colours.

I’m stuck in a series of twisty bureaucratic passages, all alike. I need this certificate to get the next certificate, which will only work on commercial machines. Which Kea likes: I do not. In the meantime I’m still not sure if work will deploy me or retire me.

Small acts of rebellion help now. Do anything to make the system break down. Because we have apartheid, not quarantine: the obedient are rewarded: the refuseniks are punished.

QR codes are easily generated. This is one.

It reads:

Jacinda Ardern is a tyrant and her traffic light system does not have a freedom option.

I am aware that pharmacies are authorised to print of the QR based vaccine pass.

There is no area that has freedom. The nation is at Orange or Red, and the regulations of the green level have not been written. David Farrar notes:

From Gab.

Regions that have not had a single Covid-19 case in 12 months are being placed at Level Orange rather than Level Green. Even the Chatham Islands is at Level Orange. If they don’t qualify for Level Green, who possibly could?

In fact the official Covid-19 website doesn’t even have a page for Life at Green. Doesn’t that suggest that Green is a mirage, that this Government will never ever shift a region to?

David Farrar. Kiwiblog

This is not good. Cam Slater’s suggestion is that we don’t pay taxes. I suggest that we don’t use the pass, and we vandalize the QR code system. All it takes is a marker.

This ends when enough of you stop playing their stupid games. While you still think you can comply your way out of tyranny the silly games with silly prizes will just keep on coming.

The tyrant is drunk on the power she’s got. She isn’t going to let it go easily. She most certainly won’t let it go by you complying with the demands.

But the unvaxxed now have another tool in their kitbag. The government has declared us Untermenschen. Grant Robertson is suggesting that if you are unvaxxed or if your business doesn’t use their rules then you will no longer be able to access government assistance.

So the unvaxxed should cease paying tax and their businesses should cease paying tax. We have been frozen out of society, so we should cease to contribute to the society that is oppressing us.

Lock us out, ostracise us, take our freedoms, send us underground. This is a classic example of how people become radicalised. And this is all on Jacinda Ardern. She’s created divisions and hate when there was none before.

The tyrant must be deposed. I have no idea yet how that happens, but happen it must.

Cameron Slater, the BFD

What this is doing is encouraging extremism. It will, if it continues, end in bloodshed. Of either the refuseniks, or the tyrant enablers. A wise ruler would step back now.

Because the more one oppresses, the harsher will you be treated.