What’s up next.

I’m starting to plan 2022.

Firstly, there will be an annual stats page going up somewhere around the new year with a pile of the more successful links. I don’t get the massive page views others do, because I don’t follow Stacey’s Rules.

Secondly, there are a fair number of new projects happening in real life. I will retire in the new year, but I still need to do something. This may lead to gaps in the usual schedule, a bit like it has been here for the last month or so while I was trying to keep a job that is no longer viable due to some mandates that I cannot in clear conscience comply with. I am still very gagged on some issues, and I expect this will get worse before it gets better.

This is why I will remain anonymous. The culture in New Zealand is woke: there are Karens who think it is virtuous to snitch, who are encouraged by the progressive party in power.

Thirdly, the hardware replacement will happen. My old laptop is dead, pining for the fjords, slipped this mortal coil. I would prefer to let things move on about a year, but that will not be happening.

The big goal for this year, however, is physical. The COVID lockdowns are not going away. We need to get fitter and this means we need to be more structured in what we do.

Well folks, we have been weak and the hard times are here. It is time to start getting strong.

If we can’t put down the beer and chips to get up and change the channel on the television how will we change this nation? We need to get up off the couch and start exercising. We need to get as strong as we can physically. We need to start lugging heavy packs through the woods or around the town. We need to be able to hike or march to get to where we need to be even if the transportation infrastructure collapses. Get in shape and get stronger physically.

No matter how strong a man is, if he doesn’t have the will he can accomplish nothing. Conversely, even the weakest of men will succeed if they have the right attitude. So we need to get our heads in the game and start to toughen up mentally. The tough times ahead will be more than a minor inconvenience. We need to find a way to wrap our heads around what our forefather had to deal with to build this nation our of an untamed wilderness and get back to that mindset.

There is a synergy here: if you get your diet right — and over Christmas in NZ it will not be — then you can get your exercise right (aerobic and strength) and that will help get your head in the game and mindset going. The trick is to get up early enough to do these things — coffee, exercise, family prayer — before the day starts. When we do, things go well. When we do not, then things can go really bad really quick.

This is one reason the lectionary posts go up around 6 am. They are not written pre-coffee. I’m now writing them at peak thinking time, which for me is after dinner.

The goals here are to watch and wait. Get some gym mats: consider barbells, consider a rowing machine. Get them in sales. Get them as gyms close.

The times are going to get harder. We are going to have to rely more on prayer and faith. And we need to ensure we don’t let the pravda of this age drive us to despair.

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28 days ago

I have been reading for a couple of weeks, and just wanted to let you know I was out here finding encouragement from your posts. I’m in Florida.

Thank you