Around the traps.

It’s Monday. Three cups of coffee, a trip into town to get the last Christmas shopping, an email from work asking for my credentials back… and you wonder why nothing really happened on the blog until about noon.

Today we learn if there is going to be less restrictions before Christmas. Today we also tried to get some rapid antigen testing for a relative so she can travel: no one has them because the training regulations were sorted out last Friday, a fortnight before Christmas.

I fully expect that the current situation with the traffic lights will cause businesses to fail. I also think that the government will think this is good.

This can lead to pushback.

Websites under Brazil’s Ministry of Health (MoH) have suffered a major ransomware attack that resulted in the unavailability of COVID-19 vaccination data of millions of citizens.

Following that attack that took place at around 1 am today, all of MoH’s websites including ConecteSUS, which tracks the trajectory of citizens in the public healthcare system, became unavailable. This includes the COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate, which is available via the ConecteSUS app.

According to a message left by the Lapsus$ Group, which has claimed responsibility for the attack, some 50 TB worth of data has been extracted from the MoH’s systems and subsequently deleted. “Contact us if you want the data returned”, the message said, alongside contact details for the authors of the attack.

Adam this morning said something wise. His error is that the pie in the sky prots — speaking as one — do not see all people being saved. That is the universalist heresy, and it implies that what we do has no significance and meaning. All are called, but few come: those who come are chosen.

The process he is talking about is one of seeking the truth.

If the previous introductory step was how to get the girls, the introductory step today is totally different. The introductory step now is Christianity because how to get the girls takes you away from Christ and towards mortal sin. In other words, for young guys today the introductory step is different from what young guys only 10 years ago were doing. Not completely of course, but in numbers high enough to be influential.

You see a lot more talk about God in the manosphere than you would ever have seen only 5 years ago. And more importantly, it is celebrated whereas before it would often have been ridiculed. This is a comprehensive and profound change to an online community that is large enough and influential enough that it has been the target of documentaries and studies by our enemies.

And so to the title of this article, “I will draw all men to myself.” This passage from John 12:32 is usually interpreted in two different ways. For the pie in the sky Protestants it means that everyone gets to be saved no matter how much they have sinned. Good luck with that. The more traditionally accepted interpretation is that the Gospel of Christ will be disseminated indiscriminately, no matter from which tribe or nation that men hail from. I do not disagree with this. However, I believe that there is another interpretation of this passage.

All men will be drawn to God. That is, all of those who succeed in making men of themselves, who pass the test of masculinity and become men, will inevitably be drawn to God. If you are a man then you will be invested in truth and God is truth.

Via WRSA, this truth bomb.

The truth is far different. You don’t have to be a Biblical scholar to know that Jesus Himself swung His pimp hand at the deserving more than once. There’s a reason He commanded his followers to sell their cloaks and buy swords. Just as a kid who is never allowed to feel the burn from his own mistakes never learns anything, so the man who is prevented from sinning by main force is not saved thereby.

The following is not a theological argument, it’s an observation about human nature: Both faith and works are necessary, because by their fruits ye shall know them. If one has faith, then the works will follow — naturally, as it were. But works without faith are mere mumbo-jumbo, no different than the crudest magic spell. The kind of guy who does what David French does — performs the works solely to be seen performing the works — is what Jesus called a “whited sepulcher,” which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.

Again, you don’t have to be a Biblical scholar to observe that Jesus commanded what the parlance our times calls “tough love.” Just as you can’t save a sinner by taking away all his opportunities to sin — we are ALL guilty; we are ALL fallen; that alone is sufficient to damn us — so you can’t “save” a drunk, or an illegal alien, or a criminal, or whatever by enabling his lifestyle. The reason I’m not in church today is because the church is exactly like that gaggle of Karens in Starbucks — they talk a good game about renouncing the wiles of this world, but they bend over backwards to enable every possible social dysfunction.

No, Jesus did NOT command us to patch up the gutter addict every time he OD’s, so that he can go out and OD again. He did NOT command us to provide all kinds of food and shelter and medical care to every Squatemalan who broke the very first American law he had the opportunity to break by coming here. No, He did NOT command us to tolerate deviance — there are two clauses in “love the sinner, hate the sin,” and we must obey both.

The only route to salvation starts by admitting that everyone is fallen. You can take that in whatever sense you like, because it’s not theology, it’s just an obvious fact about human nature. Alas, it’s one you have to learn by age 12, or you’ll never learn it at all. That’s the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled.

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1 month ago

All the illegal immigrant chatter ignores the real problem, which I’ve delineated too often. In short, cui bono? It could be fixed but there are people who materially benefit, and those people do not live in Guatemala. Or in the ‘hood.

Agree with Hoyos on the helping the OD/homeless crew. Weka will not know this but you can’t get federal money for your homeless shelter if you require folks to stay dry. That should be a requirement for a halfway house – not doing meth. But it’s not. Well. It is for the privately funded ones that WORK. But they don’t get grants. Again one asks, “why”?

1 month ago

I understand but I think he’s a little wrong.

You don’t let a man die if you can help it. Our problem really isn’t patching up addicts with too many relapses or keeping an illegal from dying in the desert.

It’s the next step of letting the addict commit crimes or just turning the illegal immigrant loose, often to commit more crimes. What either costs us in “not letting them die” pales in comparison to what they cost us by other means.

I understand tough love as a concept and while I think it’s real it’s usually part of the standard bad parenting cycle of trying to balance too much lenience with too much harshness as if it worked that way.