A diversion into morality.

It’s Friday, and in the usual scheme of things I would be going to Briggs place for some Thomism and looking at Calvin’s institutes. Not going to do that today. There are issues sneaking into policies over the holidays, and we need some confrontation.

Mistrust Kindness

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you that there would be a slippery slope here. The professional highlight a couple of years ago was David Seymour, the faux libertarian, saying I was an example of the declining standards in universities when we went to the press about predicting this. We did not think you would meet an engineered death over a viral illness.

Patients ‘dying’ of Covid in New Zealand hospitals may now be bumped off by means of a lethal injection. Er, make that also ‘dying’ with Covid as well as ‘of ‘ Covid. And make that ‘dying’ also of adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine …

Such is the tangled web woven by Ardern, Robertson&Co, Death Dealers to the Nation, since first they practised to deceive by rebranding influenza and hijacking it to get this country totally under their globalist thumb. Er, make that since first they practised to deceive by denying the humanity of the unborn child.

Andrew Little’s Ministry of Health (so-called) has been forced by the Official Information Act to admit that doctors (so-called) will be paid $1000 per shot (plus expenses) to do the dirty deed legally, under the euthanasia law which came into force last month.

Euthanasia was sold as being kind. We are told to be kind. Kind now means that we are compliant with the narratives of this age, which are, as in the example above, not kind.

I found this at WRSA. I can confirm almost all of it. And yes, I’m mandated out because of this ideology.

In my youth and till recent times, it was well understood from basic first principles that it was inimical in a democracy for people’s movements to be tracked. Now with “track and trace” I watch people queuing to do it voluntarily with nary a thought or a care. It used to be that “looking someone in the eye”, or more properly said their the face was the standard to assess their truthfulness. Now covering the face in social situations is considered “normal”, and indeed mandatory.

Some anecdotes:

– A local couple I know has just placed their house on the market. Both are now unemployed due to jab mandates and they can’t pay their mortgage. Logically and intellectually, that was a foregone conclusion of introducing mandates. Now I know first hand real people, good people, that it is happening to. In 2022 it’s entirely possibly it could happen to me. My home, that I fought so hard to buy and have put much blood, sweat and tears into rehabilitating could become another small casualty on my country’s war on reason and truth.

– My neighbour’s wife suffered a botched neck operation and hasn’t worked for six months. The surgeon who could have remedied it is now unavailable. He’s been promoted to brain surgeon at Wellington hospital – the previous surgeon was forced out for being unjabbed. Scarce, highly-skilled expertise, thrown on the bonfire of vanity that is our current jabbing crusade.

Nothing about those scenarios is remotely rational, normal or proportionate. Two years ago I would’ve sworn it could not happen in the country of my birth. Except, even back then, I felt it coming. I don’t know how or why – perhaps it was having a lot of time on my hands during the initial lockdowns, when I was out of work and couldn’t buy building materials. But I read, extensively and widely, and nothing I read remotely made sense, even in those early days.

The modelling was crude and implausible, and built on that of Neil Ferguson of the UK, who had a historical record of gross exaggeration. The NZ government cabinet papers were junk – and despite my tendency to hyperbole – in this case I mean it literally and accurately – they were junk: simply not fit for the purpose of decision-making on what was to impact the entire population’s liberties, livelihoods and liability (ie government debt).

When all this is done, Jacinda will leave NZ (she can scarcely remain) and ascend to a grossly overpaid job at the UN, for demonstrating her fealty to the globalist system. Those whose lives she is currently wrecking will not be so fortunate. That she was elected to represent and serve the NZ public will matter not a jot, as politicians increasingly identify with their international cohort ahead of their own country.

I was with friends yesterday and one of them said that the budget is better because she can no longer go to restaurants or cafes. Ten percent of society is gone, udermenschen, disavowed and no one cares. Instead: euthanasia.

Expect oppression

Nikolai is an Aussie unable to re enter his nation. Sadly, it seems that Aussie, which micromanaged its population, is less kind and more free than NZ. Because the people there are burning things down.

There’s no easy path forward for the West. Our countries are now home to so many non-WEIRD groups that we are fighting with one hand tied behind our backs. We can either support the right of maniacal Islamic preachers to scream at their giant congregations about how evil we are, or restrict their freedom and also restrict our own.

I’m all for civil liberties but I also know when I’m beat. At this point we’re probably better off trying to put Our Guys in charge of this increasingly autocratic system than turning back the clock to restore liberal principles.

But Our Guys are not in charge. Right now we have both screaming Imams and a lack of free speech for us.

Nevertheless, there are technological tools for samizdat that were unavailable to previous malcontents. Nothing lasts forever and the present anarcho-tyrannical state will fall sooner or later. Perhaps future generations will try out this WEIRD idea of freedom again, but more cautiously given the lessons of history.

What can we do?

  • We are working as hard as possible to get alternative ways of making a living.
  • I live in a town infested by goodthinkers, which means I have to remain fairly low profile. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin gone.
  • I’ve deleted the covid tracker from my phone. I’ve switched off the NPC proximity tracker
  • Any place with a covid pass as a requirement to enter is boycotted. Churches included.
  • We cashed up last year. We aim to have zero debot, and minimal assets in banks

I fully expect that the progressive Labour government will lose bigly if they allow an election. I also expect the election to be engineered. Rinsing the government and getting a competent bunch is the best option. Didact notes the other options are bleak.

The next step from here is undoubtedly tyranny, through either autocratic or mob rule. We are already in the stage of oligarchical rule by technocratic elites who presume themselves to be our superiors – and they are failing. Mob rule is already the norm in many parts of blue-state America, and it too is failing. At the national level, the only way forward appears to be tyranny, with absolute power concentrated into the hands of one man.

Let us hope and pray that said man will be capable of wielding power in the manner of an Oliver Cromwell, rather than an Ivan the Terrible.

The Irish hate Cromwell, but he is about the best option we can get. God help us. We rejected him. Until we repent, we will live under oppression.