December and 2021 statistics.

I no longer use any external statistics trackers and rely on Matomo.

Let’s start with December. There were:

  • 15,693 pageviews, 13,483 unique pageviews
  • 8,556 visits, 4,182 unique visitors
  • 2,023 outlinks, 1,929 unique outlinks

This was the busiest month since I started using Matomo.

The annual numbers are similar. It is worth noting that this is the first calendar year matomo has been running.

  • 109,783 pageviews, 95,181 unique pageviews
  • 60,288 visits
  • 13,782 outlinks, 13,156 unique outlinks
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Sasha Melnik
21 days ago

Forgive me abusing your comments system to share some December stats from the aggregator..

Regular Users:
4821 unique connecting IPS, of which 1.6K were I possibly real visitors (CSS hit), 26K visits by those.

Regular:Tor traffic ratio over December:

But I see this ratio is increasing into Jan, it’s getting closer to 10:1.

Obviously I don’t log tor client connectivity since it logs as from a local unix socket rather than an IP, so the total hit stat is more useful.

I should probably publish some stats automatically on the aggregator. Another thing on the list.

Happy New Year to All and Sundry!
Christ is Born.