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I self host this blog and have backups in place so if the webhost decides to pull the site I can set it up somewhere else fairly quickly. Not as smoothly as Vox Day did when he was banned from blogger. But smoothly enough. I am using telegraph — last night the son used it to call me and Gab. My email is through protonmail.

I note that the only mobile infrastructure standards left seem to be Android and iOS. Now Blackberry has gone. And that a fair number of the NZ dissendent groups have been removed from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. But that is making the alternatives stronger.

One year ago this week the largest Big Tech exodus in history occurred when millions of people joined Gab. Two perfect storm events led to this inflection point and awakening of the masses. First, Donald Trump was banned from Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the internet while he was still a sitting President. At the same time Parler, the darling of the conservative establishment billionaire class, was removed from the internet by Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Both of these events were the shots heard around the internet and shocked millions of people into finally taking action and leaving Big Tech platforms for good. Gab was their only option and Gab remains the only option for those seeking a true unwavering commitment to free speech online.

These events weren’t a surprise to me. I knew from first hand experience that Parler stood no chance at challenging Big Tech platforms while being fully dependent and built on top of Big Tech infrastructure. I had already tried this with Gab early on and failed when the Regime banned us from App Stores, hosting services, payment processors, and much more back in 2018. Any platform that depends on Big Tech hosting and Big Tech app stores is doomed to failure. You must unapologetically stand firm in your principles and build your own infrastructure separate from Big Tech systems completely in order to have a free speech platform.

Months after being removed from the internet Parler returned, this time with a “troll filter” and artificial intelligence to remove “hate speech” on demand for Apple. They bent the knee, and they paid the price for it. Today Parler’s traffic is a mere shadow of what it once was. This blog you are reading right now gets more views every month than all of Parler. It turns out that censoring “hate speech” in order to get back into Apple’s good graces wasn’t the best business decision.

Yet only a year later it seems that conservatives have still not learned their lesson. Up pops former CNN contributor Jason Miller’s Chinese billionaire-funded Gettr claiming to be a “free speech” platform. What Miller doesn’t tell you is that Gettr depends on Amazon AWS for hosting along with Apple and Google App Stores for distribution, just like Parler did.

To Gettr “free speech” is nothing more than a marketing slogan to lure you into their beltway establishment hug box run by leftists pretending to be conservatives.

Andrew Torba.

I don’t actvely use MeWe or Parler or Gettr. I don’t recommend them. But then, I believe that the best social media profile is horizontal. Most of the traffic here comes from Synlogos or Concerned American/WRSA. Social media is a dinosaur, dying.

But blogs are like the insects, surviving regardless.

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14 days ago

I have accounts on both Gab and Mewe; I prefer Mewe since it is more Facebook like. To me, Gab is Twitter like and I don’t like the format.