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We have just returned from the Hills. Kea’s mother was with us. We found that getting her the paper in the morning meant that we did not end up watching the evening news. This was useful. We were less tense.

If something happens to us, such as changes of regulations, then we will find out. The rest of the time I can get better information from the news aggregators than from mainstream media.

The TV has some uses. Playing videos of people building homes in the Italian Alps, and tutorials for repairing the home.

Analogue watches rock

This all started with irritation on my wrist. My cheap smart watch was swapped before we went away to the hills. I have two very old watches: a citizen eco drive that I got when I was a student for training, and an automatic dress watch that Kea renovated for my 60th birthday. I like wearing a watch, because it is always on and always available.

I carry a cellphone for safety most of the time. I can use that to track what is going on with that.

What I’ve found is that I don’t use the heart rate monitor that much. Most of the time I manage the intensity of what I’m doing with subjective effort.


Over the break I needed something long, reasonably well written, and accessible. So I’ve read Christopher Nuttall’s Schooled in Magic series. All of it.

I’ve noted that Didact has published his book list for the year, and Vox Day, the Supreme Dark Lord, has a rolling list each year. I’ve looked again at ths social networks for reading and I don’t want to do that. Which leads to a question.

Do I set up a plugin with what I’m reading? Hardback only or ebooks? Do I add reviews? Elspeth’s site is nothing but book reviews, and is worthwhile. Most of the stuff I’m reading now that I’m back at it will be technical manuals and task manuals, as I get things set up.

When I’m not watching TV I read. Not all of it is good, and some series I start I stop. The current fashion of perverse antiheroes is getting to me.

The blog.

I have just switched the classic editor off on the blog, and have gone back to the frame editor. The classic editor is embedded in this. I will then enable markdown to help with the drafting, and that may be more stable going forward.

My rule of thumb with wordpress is to use as few blocks possible.

The ability to preview in a new tab has one other advantage: it means I can spot the inevitable mispellings.

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21 days ago

Schooled in Magic plot synopsis: Young girl learns that she possesses magical powers and that an evil sorcerer wants to kill her so she goes to a school to learn how to use her magic. Sounds awfully familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Sasha Melnik
21 days ago

+1 on the Citizen – the my main watch is a simple Ecodrive. I can’t stand digital watch readouts. There’s an interesting discussion on Technology Connections Extras about how the analogue dial gives more value to time taken and time remaining that the digital watch readout can’t give. A more quantifiable visual sense of time. I don’t mind a digital count-down or total, obviously.

Voxday’s annual reading list is indeed a goldmine. I’m still kindle-ing but I do want to change one day to something else. I glanced at Didact’s but need to glance again.

Youtube is more or less unusable without the android app ‘Newpipe’ – it removes all ads but also removes the ability to comment. Alas you have to download the build directly off github but that’s a small price to pay. We have a TV and this is the main app we use with that.

Last edited 21 days ago by Sasha Melnik