The traps we move around.

I don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist right now. When the politicians do not keep the rules they have enforced on us, and reliably lie, we should not be shocked when the guidance we get will destroy us. The current pandemic is starting to run down. This does not stop the useful idiots for arguing that we should just lockdown harder and restrict more. As if we can stop the common cold.

From the email today.

Ngā mihi o te tau hou! Welcome to the first edition of Vital Signs for 2022. We hope you had an opportunity to enjoy some sunshine and time with friends and family over the festive season.
 If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get your booster and ensure all staff do the same. The current Vaccination Order is being amended to specify requirements for booster vaccination. The amendment will come into effect at 11.59pm on 16th January and while the details have yet to fully confirmed, we understand that health workers covered by the Order, who completed their second dose before 30 June 2021, will be required to have their booster shots before 31 January 2022.
For those who had their second dose after the 30th of June, the requirement will be 6 months from the date of second dose.

A group I resigned from.

So quotage and memes. Let’s start with that grumpy hippie from Yankeedom, Kunstler, who sees the narratives imploding.

Omicron is sweeping the country, as love once did in George Gershwin’s day. (We are a different country now, as anyone tuned into the Turner Classics Movie channel can discover.) Omicron: the 36-hour head cold that Covid-19 has been demoted to. Omicron: a mere wise-cracking gecko compared to the roaring dragon that was Covid-19 in the winter of 2020. Omicron: kind of an embarrassment to “vaccine” tyrants who still seek to jab every arm on earth, and at ever-shortening intervals — like a med school version of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, only with syringes running amok instead of brooms.

The Party-of-Chaos (the one headed by the ectoplasmic “Joe Biden”) does not want to let go of Covid-19, its Swiss army knife of destruction. With Covid-19, you can push people around and mess with their lives every which way, shut down their businesses, lock them in their homes, screw them out of their livelihoods, delete their reputations, board-up their social venues, cancel their careers, revoke their licenses, drag them into court, fine them into penury, cram them into prison camps, and much more.

If Covid-19 actually does make that move to exit the scene, the Party-of-Chaos will have to find a new focus for its anxiety-driven lunacy. And if the front page of The New York Times is the party’s id, a signifier of intent, then the focus will shift to fomenting war with Russia.

Dunno about you, but to me that suggests the USA sees war as a possibility, something we’ve already gamed into our plans, like it would be something we could… handle. Forgive the rather glum reality-test, but war with Russia over Ukraine is for sure something that the USA probably can’t handle. The most likely outcome would be a king-hell embarrassment on the battlefield, not just because we would be fighting on Russia’s door-sill where sheer logistics favor our adversary (with ready re-supply and all), but because our pussified military — with gal bomber pilots in pregnancy flight-suits and other novelties of “diversity & inclusion” — will result in the most ignominious ass-kicking in our history… following a 50-year string of prior embarrassments. The second most likely outcome of this face-off with Russia would be that old familiar nuclear World War Three, with everything from Bangor to Pacific Heights turned into one big smoldering ashtray.

Underlying this lunacy is The USA’s perverse wish to enlist Ukraine in NATO — Ukraine, that mighty economic powerhouse (not). What Ukraine is… is a super-sized version of Detroit, a hollowed-out shell of a place whose mojo left on the 9:10 train to Palookaville decades ago, and has been on international life-support since the DC Deep State ran its 2014 “color revolution” in the Maidan Square.


Detroit is regrowing, because it is in a place where a city makes sense. Kiev and the Ukraine will remain, because some of the best growing land in Eastern Europe is there. The problem is that due to being under the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, the Austria-Hungarian Empire and the Russians at various times there is a Slavic bit and a Polish bit. There was a Jewish bit until Hitler decided he wanted the Ukraine to give the Germans growing room.

When I meet up with people from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, I note that none of them trust governments. And they all have set up their personal and community logistics so they can defend hearth and home.

Only fools jump into that Br’er patch.

We should learn from them, and support those who support us

Good reminder to support sites that support you:

Wikipedia is dominated by Radical Leftists. Fortunately, Infogalactic exists as a perfect alternative. It is run by @voxday, and is just as capable and robust as Wikipedia ever was, and serves as a suitable replacement.

Check out the list entry for Gab, which is FAR more fair than Wikipedia’s libelous entry for Gab.

There’s also a great little extension available for most browsers, which will redirect all Wikipedia links over to Infogalactic automatically for you. I highly suggest using it, and getting involved with Infogalactic.

Neon Revolt.
If you can’t show me the data, it is propaganda.

What people are doing is adapting. Changing behaviour. Overcoming. This involves a number of people leaving the big cities and moving to somewhere cheaper where they can still work. Cutting the amount of leverage they are under. This means smaller loans, less currency in circulation, and the mad monetary theorists are getting worried because they can’t prime a pump when no one is borrowing.

A drop off in demand for home loans during the December 2021 quarter was predominantly fuelled by lockdowns, according to Equifax New Zealand Managing Director, Angus Luffman. The latest data from Equifax New Zealand shows a 35.2% reduction in overall consumer enquiries when compared to the same quarter in 2020. “Extended lockdowns in Auckland have impacted demand leading to big declines across all major retail credit products. The percentage falls are exacerbated by the huge volume of home loan enquiries recorded in the December 2020 quarter. Demand reached fever pitch during this period, so it’s important to factor into the equation,” says Luffman.

Overall credit demand for the December 2021 quarter dropped by 30.2% on the December 2020 quarter with Canterbury recording the smallest reduction in consumer enquiries of 21%, and a 4% reduction on quarter three of 2021. Despite recording a 23% year-on-year decrease in home lending demand, Canterbury out-performed the Auckland and Wellington markets, which had downward year-on-year December quarter movements of 35% and 36% respectively.

“What we could be seeing is more people looking to relocate to a region where property prices are more accessible, but job opportunities are still strong,” says Luffman. “The significant changes in the way we work over the past two years may also have opened up opportunities in regional areas. Based on housing demand, Canterbury is leading the charge. and in some cases, allowing people to retain their jobs in cities like Auckland and Wellington, whilst living in Canterbury.”

You know the correction has happened when the commercial landlords do the sums and realize they can buy houses to rent out again. Right now they are doing the opposite.

This is not a good time. This is a time when we have to be discreet. Stay away from crowds. Dress a little worse. Be wary on the streets. Do not trust the government. They are not there to help you.

Getting out of town now is better than being stuck in the big city when the next internal boundaries are created.