I know this is late: it was published before Easter. As I know that this Easter the number of martyrs increased, yet again, for our Sri Lankan brothers did go to church on Sunday — where they were blown up. Before the Northern Europeans were converted, life was nasty, brutish, and short. The West was Christendom: however that mantle has been passed to those we converted. Locally, that means the Pacific people, and the woke post Christians hate their faith.

I went to church on Sunday. To worship. So should you. Our enemies are scared to say the name of Christ.

The timings are in line with the collective dropping away of church attendance in Australia. And now 30 years later a man is stripped of his livelihood for still actively worshiping that same faith while miserable journalists wring their hands and wail and wonder at why he will not just shut up and take all the money.
Such a stand is seen as outlandish precisely because it is now so uncommon.
This week the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris caught fire and was partially destroyed. Many other writers have already commented that it is a symbol for our time and for the desperate straits that Christianity now finds itself. But Christianity is also our Western nations. If Christianity falls then we also fall. We are intertwined, and that nation that you love so much will be no more if Christianity disappears entirely. We are not above religion and we are not better people than those who lived before us. On the contrary, we are much worse.
This holy Easter weekend is your individual opportunity to begin the process of setting things right. If we are going to win this battle then we must have skin in the game. You cannot say one thing and do something else entirely. The only thing that matters is actions. Words are useful but ultimately useless if they are not followed by deliberate steps. We must begin the process of regaining our nations from the people that we despise and we begin that process by believing once again in one of the bedrocks that founded our nation and which our parents turned away from so many years ago.
So this Easter Sunday we need to go back to church. Nothing else matters.

Adam Piggont, Pushing Rubber Downhill.
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One of the reasons I self host is that WordPress has been infected with that noxious habit that social media has of deplatforming. I have had to take blogs down in the past, but I prefer to be the one who makes that choice — and it appears that the large corporations are under pressure to remove what the government does not like — so we are safe. Safe for what Bruce Charlton calls the Globalist Left Materialist Conspiracy. There are shorter and more pungent names.

If the GLMC wanted to destroy Christianity, it would name the enemy and rally the troops to destroy them. It would – for example – make it clear that Christians are being systematically (by multiple proxies) being persecuted, maimed and killed all over the world, on a daily basis. It would be made clear that this was initiated and sustained by the GLMC – and its results would be specified, measured, specified and celebrated openly… Enemy casualties would be listed. 

Instead – what we see is GLMC providing covert/ deniable support; and a cover-up/ concealment of enemy casualties (who are not named as Christians).

The campaign is being conducted more like a secret police activity than a war. In other words, the GLMC works by totalitarian state terrorism not war – that is by inducing uncertainty, encouraging unfocused fear and suspicion – as a permanent state of affairs.

The GLMC have won the war, and are now engaged in the incremental pacification of the world. Christians are permeating the world; and the objective is to convert all Christians to the leftist-materialist ideology.

And, because leftist-materialism is a negative ideology, and ideology aimed at the destruction/ subversion/ inversion of Good – this ideology can be implemented simply by inducing an existential state of resentment, fear or despair – or reactive distraction/ hedonism.  

Bruce Charlton.

Besides, we may start to think of how the social contract is constructed. How grey is now missing, and we must be degraded, despoiled, to enable virtue signals. I should also note that most NZers don’t feel that we should be accountable for an Australian who moved to NZ (we have an open border with Australia) precisely so he could attack Muslims. Perhaps we should learn, and require that Aussies get visas.

I am thinking of a more comprehensive respect; an essential dignity that all people possess or should be encouraged to possess.
When you talk to the poor, the aged, the infirm, what do they want? An end to suffering, of course–but also dignity.
Our desire for dignity explains a variety of otherwise inexplicable political phenomena. Why do whites focus more on the actions of a New Zealander who kills Muslims than a Nigerian who kills Muslims, for example? Because whites feel that the misbehavior of the New Zealander reflects badly on them; their collective dignity has been lowered. The actions of a Muslim or a Nigerian don’t reflect on non-Muslims or non-Nigerians; whites feel no collective shame or guilt over these incidents.
(Note: “white” and “Muslim” are not exclusive categories and plenty of Muslims have pale skin, but I lack better terminology.)
Similarly, much of the liberal opposition to Trump probably stems from a perception that he is undignified.
People don’t need to be at the top of the hierarchy to be treated with dignity; good social norms, I suspect, can help people respond to and treat people lower than themselves with respect, as well.
Our society seems to be engaged in an absurd dance where people fight for honor and respect by demanding it from people significantly lower than themselves on the social totem pole. For example, a female professor complains about a university janitor who assumed she was merely the wife of a male professor; a black woman complains that the minimum wage shop employees didn’t let her into the shop after closing time; another professor harasses road crew laborers over a “men at work” sign. These absurd cases all involve women trying to assert power over people who have far less power than themselves in the first place, like a prince having a peasant executed for getting mud on his boots.
Of course, our system doesn’t simply content itself with declaring divine right; it insults us by also claiming that these peasants are the ones with the real power.
Since these folks are not actually princes, though, they probably aren’t just on run-away power trips; I suspect instead that they feel a mis-match between the level of respect they want from society vs the level they get. Since they can’t get any more respect from normal avenues/their peers, they’ve turned instead to targeting the weak, like a D&D player pouring boiling water on an anthill to grind XP. 
Such behavior should be called out for the undignified farce that it is.
That said, much of modern life feels designed to humiliate and degrade; the Cabrini Green housing projects were so ugly they seem intentionally soul-crushing.

Evolutionist X

The lack of dignity, which, as a woman, Evo X is very aware of — in my experience women are more sensitive to aesthetics (or men can more easily ignore them) — leads not to conversion, but disgust. This is why the internet must he censored. Demographics is destiny, and they are running scared.

But in the time between then and now, we’ve seen what’s been referred to as the large-scale empirical falsification of the secularization hypothesis. Not only has the world not become less religious, but the world actually seems to be becoming more religious. So at the moment, if we look at the best projections from now until 2060, we see that Christianity will continue to be the world’s largest global worldview.

Currently, about 31% of the world identifies as Christian and it looks like that will be slightly up to 32%. Islam is set to grow quite dramatically from about 25% to 31% in that time and become a very close competitor with Christianity. Hinduism and Buddhism are set to decline slightly, by 1% or 2%.
When we go back to that initial secularization hypothesis and re-examine it, we realize that not only was it wrong, but it was wrongly founded. . .

The thing that’s really shocking to the secular system is that the proportion of people around the world who will say that they don’t affiliate with any particular religion is set to decline from 16% to 13%. So the question is: What’s going on here?

Part of the answer is that people who believe in God seem to have more children than people who don’t. I’m pregnant at the moment with my third child which puts me on the exact average birth rate for Christians globally (2.7%).

Muslims also have a substantially larger number of children, also Jews. But people of no religious belief have a lower birth rate. But that’s not the whole story. China—which is currently the global center of atheism—is experiencing a rate of growth in the church that is unexpected, unprecedented, and looks set to change the world.

Rebecca McLaughlan, Crossway.

I cannot repeat this enough. This time will end. Our elite will fall. Do not be them. Do not he like them.

Bleak Daybook.

I was waiting for my querolous papist brother to comment on the fire at Notre Dame. Mundabor is trenchant, and he does not disappoint. The visual signs of degeneration led to horror, to Frenchman singing hymns to the Virgin in the streets. But the rot was there. Our enemy deliberately set it.

However, to me the fire had a different meaning, one that has been resonating for almost two days now: this fire truly epitomizes the burning of Catholicism in France – where attacks on churches become more frequent – and elsewhere. In a way, it is as if Heaven had decided to send us a very visual warning: this is what will happen to your churches in only one or two generations, unless you react now.
The time is running out, and this generation might be the last one free from an extremely bloody civil war, or from the destiny deserved by cowards: dhimmitude. It might be two, or three generations instead of one, but you get my drift.
Meanwhile, a Country who has elected as his President a man clearly sexually attracted, at some level or other, to his mother, keeps neglecting not only its Catholic heritage, but the threat to its own liberties that is taking shape more and more clearly as years go by. A threat that will, likely, never explode in some coup d’ etat of sort, but rather boil the French democracy very slowly, like a frog. Those who love and understand history can clearly see a movement spanning several generations and lethal for both Western Civilisation and its matrix, Christianity. Those who don’t love or understand history will keep lulling themselves in their dream of pacific coexistence of incompatible systems of values, preparing the bloodbath that is, at some point, going to be the only alternative to surrender.
Forget Notre Dame. Catholicism itself is burning. Not by accident, but by design.


As Israel Folau fights to keep his job (Australia clearly neither has, or ignores, the equivelant of Section 14 of the NZ Bill of RIghts) Adam Piggot makes some trenchant comments.

There is no freedom of religion if you can get fired from your job and hounded out of your profession simply for espousing your religious views, but at least they stopped short of feeding him to the lions.

Adam Piggot, Pushing RUbber downhill.

Adam again, when asked about nations, sums up my position fairly well. As a Kiwi who spends a fair amount of time in Oz, I can confidently say to that Aussie that I’m not Australian.

We are indeed in opposition to God, and I will publish an article tomorrow with an excellent and depressing example of this. But to clarify, nations are not bound by common worship. After spending two years living in Uganda I can confidently declare that I have nothing in common with Ugandans nor their culture. And yet the vast majority of them are Christians. Can I then move to Uganda and declare myself Ugandan? Of course not, no more than a Ugandan can move to Australia and declare himself to be of my patronage. Which is why the bastardized concept of hyphenated nationalities was created; our imaginary Ugandan friend would have to be a Ugandan-Australian. Which is like declaring yourself to be a woman-man, a concept not unknown in this traumatic age.
I write to expose the lies and to seek the truth, a dangerous business at the best of times as nobody appreciates a truth teller and I do not possess a court jester costume.

Adam Piggot, Pushing RUbber downhill.

I cannot say this enough. When we reject God, he won’t be mocked. Even the Greeks, pagans, corrupt, and venal, knew that whom the gods would destroy they would first make mad. I can only advise what Vox Day noted today. Seek Excellence. This world does not.

Real Activism.

It is not enough to sit on facebook and twitter and other social media and indicate your thoughts and prayers, to use the appropriate hashtags, and to follow the moral outrages of the day. You will get a dopamine hit from likes and retweets, but nothing will change.

To change you have to act. On yourself: on others. It is hard enough to change yourself: it is much harder to motivate others. And if you are motivating others without a lived experience of struggle and change, others will know.

Real activism hurts.

For real activism involves working with people, and people are not their instagram or facebook feeds (Nor should they be: only a fool trusts social media).

Now, some of us are paid to do this kind of work, and in my society that leads to people thinking that they are entitled to whatever they want. Others work through the church, and part of that is simple, practical care. Some of us find ourselves on committees, and have to tone down what we are thinking and speak weasel — that language loved by bureaucrats, executive officers, journalists and politicians — which is orthogonal to reality, but the only language they understand.

Some confuse being kind with agreement. I can disapprove of what someone does and still help them. Indeed, our duty is to help those we disapprove of, because if we decided that we were only going to be in a club of the righteous we would be thrown out ourselves.


One more note. Doing good with people who are broken, scarred, and often not that particularly nice, drains you. For some, it is our calling, our vocation. We meet on Sunday to worship God, true, but also to encourage others and ourselves to keep on doing that which we ought.

Then we rest. We need time to recover. We need to look after ourselves. Real activism is not a hashtag. It is a calling, a life work. Which we do not to show our virtue, but to help.

The virtue signallers get in the way. Do not be them. Do not be like them.