Monday Daybook.

A lot of administration stuff, setting up wordpress.

  • The theme has gone back to a really old one: twenty ten. One can now do excerpts fairly easily. It is clean, fast, and old.
  • Statcounter is installed.
  • I have not connected with Jetpack. I have had bad experiences with that, in particular it does not play nicely with other plugins.
  • Expect me to use my handle “weka” on most posts.
  • Comments are being screened by Akismet. At present, the rule is simple: don’t be a troll. Be reasonable. Don’t reveal details that are private. If I need to, I will bring in commentary rules.

This resonated with me: not as much because I’m of the spectrum — though I have had enemies call me such — but because “awareness” does nothing. Solve problems instead.

Standing up to bullies included.


This is, I think, the fifth iteration.

About October last year I started using Ghost on Digital Ocean. That experiment has failed. There are many reasons: integrating statistics and comments was very, very difficult. Modifying the blog was difficult. I spent hours trying to configure this. So I have set up a WordPress Blog instead.

So, what’s here?

Theology. I post at least weekly on the lectionary: generally the Sunday reading from the Church of England, though I’m not worshipping there. My theology is reformed and my church choices pragmatic. I would rather be where the Spirit of God is than where there is formal correctness and cloying self righteousness. At times this is speculative: I link with people I don’t necessarily agree with.

Poetry. Particularly older poetry: often cycles of poetry. At times contrasting poets from older periods and newer periods. This could include music.

Intellectual Tools. This is more in the realm of ideology, logic, and dialectic: I leave the meme generators and rhetoricians to twitter, Gab and Facebook. Again, will vary from discussions of open source hardware and software to underlying assumptions within our society, and the consequences thereof. It could get political.

Travel, Photography, Nature. This is the most personal part of the blog. I used to have a seperate part: it is now all here.

Daybook. There will be uncategorised posts. I am a bit of an intellectual magpie, there will be a notebook about what I have seen and read. It may not be daily.

Anyway, let’s see where this goes.