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Fasting and Christ. 22 Jan 2020

Fasting and seasons of festivals are part of the law of Moses, and that law is good, god inspired, and profitable. So times of discipline and asceticism need to be balanced with times of celebration. Feasting all the time is bad for you, but so is not celebrating. Christ is the bridegroom for the church, […]

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The also serve the empire who keep the nuts tightened. (Poem)

This is not a Kipling. It is a Bush poem. Banjo Patterson was Australia’s popular poet of the Imperial era, and he knew Kipling wrote true when he said engineers — the sons of Martha — had their duty. They do not preach that their God will rouse them a little before the nuts work […]

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21 Jan 2020

Last night we were talking: for we have a grief for the mainline churches. We grew up in such, and they were good. But they now love the world too much, and seek the approval of the woke. The woke will not be satisfied. I was left thinking about the need to return to the […]

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Tuesday quartet, Eliot.

Mindfulness is Buddhist meditation, and Buddhist meditation is nihilism, abnegation, without pleasure, passion or desire. It is not that through Christ we have crucified our passions, it is that we pretend they don’t exist, and that there is no existential terror. There is. Passage III, East Coker contains this bit of reportage. Or as, when […]

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Social Media is bad for you (Monday Technical).

Social Media is bad for you, and it is designed to hook you in. One of the rules we have is that we will say “screens down”. Not infrequently. People take priority, and doing things outside in the sun is better than playing games. In real life. To paraphrase Adam, if the social media mob […]

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20 Jan 2020

While Peter was dealing with Romans, Philip was driven to deal with two groups that were more foreign. He was told to go and walk along a desert road at around noon. You don’t do that. Noel Coward was effete, but he knew this. But Philip was tnen sent to talk to an Ethiopian. Not […]

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Caffeinated Reaction

The press bleats on about climate change. That the Prime Minister of Australia — who returned from his holiday because of the Christmas Bush fires is damned while the socailist Premier of Victoria, who has responsibility for bushfire prevention, remained in China for his break is rank hypocrisy. Our Prime Minister is still partying in […]

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The second Sunday after Epiphany: 19 January 2020

The season of Christmas has ended, and we are supposed to be in summer: we are wearing sweaters most mornings and evenings, for the days have been cooler than usual in Southern New Zealand. Australia could do with our showers, and we’d like a bit of their heat. The school holidays are reaching the point […]

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Sunday Sonnet.

Dropsy was heart failure: oedema of the legs, decreased walk distance, shortness of breath. Similar things would happen if you had malnutrition or endocrine disorders. Donne is observing the thirst of such, and using it as a metaphor for his desire for God: as if he was without water. He is also referring to the […]

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Setting up the laptop for photos.

One of the frugal things I do is avoid, as much as possible, commercial solutions. This includes working on photos: I have a second blog for that and I have for years used open source tools. I’mĀ  reading and absorbing Dmitri Popov’s work,Ā  which includes using simple tools to get things done. As part of […]