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Thursday Patristics.

Ignatius wrote his letters and sent them while he was being taken to Rome, already sentenced to death: to die at the games for the entertainment of the mob. His letters were his last testament in a time of persecution. He did not deny or resile from the cross. We should heed his example. CHAPTER […]


21 November 19

I need to reiterate this: God is merciful and patient, but that does not mean that he does not care and he will not proclaim justice. Ahab was a bloody tyrant. He was doomed to death. Such is the fate of all tyrants: and he went to his death warned by a prophet. 2 Chronicles […]


Rhodesian Kipple.

Last week I said the left counted Kipling as one of their own. He did like to see new plains settled and productive. Cecil Rhodes and Ian Smith did a better job of stewarding the land than the revolutionaries and Jesuits (Mugabe was educated by the Jesuits and Irish — their hatred of the British […]

Lectionary Life

20 November 19

You may stand in the holiest of holies: you may have dedicated your life on climbing the academic and ecclesial pole to become an archbishop, a moderator, a cardinal. You may consider your word feared. You may consider you can proclaim anything, as you stand in the seat of Peter. you can embrace those who […]

New Zealand Poetry

Baxter: two poems.

What can I say about Baxter? He was troubled, broken, burned too bright: died too young. In my view, he is the best New Zealand poet. And the academics hate him. He’s too religious, too much a bloke. He’s accused of being horrible to his wife, a good poet in her own right (and he […]

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19th November 19

This small blog has just had its 100th comment, rescued from the spam, in which a woman suggested that perhaps this place could do with snappy headlines. Good for marketing. Good SEO. But it misses the point of the dated posts. They are the readings for the day. For the new people, they come from […]


Prayer and help list

Firstly, and update on the wombat… who still needs help. The Kiwi social service is difficult — Kiwis don’t have a social welfare system in OZ (note to any Kiwis in OZ: always have enough cash to get back to Godzone. You can get help from family and the state here. But not there). Keep […]

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Monday technical

Getting rid of Google as much as possible is a good thing. The following is a critique of a hardware hacker who produced a phone analogue running FreeBSD (all good) but then used google services. I would add this: every time people try to get me to join a facebook group I cringe. Facebook is […]

Lectionary Life

18 November 19

We are not to conform to this world, or the agenda of this world. When you have a social welfare system and social housing that is priced and market rates — meaning that the average disabled person has to get food packages a few times a year — you have a problem. There are solutions. […]

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Sunday Sonnet

The waters of Lethe remove all memory, all guilt, all shame, and all knowledge. In Greek mythology, it allowed a soul to enter into Hades with their guilt expunged. Or return, again. In Chinese mythology, the Goddess of Mercy gives a tea of forgetfulness before the soul is reincarnated: there is a thought, however, that […]