A list of useful links: one can not put these on the main page at present, under topics, and adjusted as needed. This will grow.

News aggregators.

These are frequent visits. Instapundit and the Other McCain for US news, Kiwiblog and the Daily Blog for NZ news.


The hidden reaction

I guess I could call this alternative science, but some of the more interesting hypotheses are not coming from the academy at present because they are very politically incorrect. They are at times reactionary, at times wrong, but generally interesting. The first person to look at is evolutionist X. She is one of many intelligent feminine bloggers who reviews and speculates of published work, often in obscure journals, or in old textbooks. Her cartoon on why babies beat pets is an essential resource when talking with young women.

Adam at pushing rubber downhill is one of those who you should visit not infrequently. His essay on surviving his academic mother is excellent. Zman is also generally worth reading.


Declan Finn A Pius Geek.

Vox Day: now mainly an editor (it pays) and the owner of Castalia House and Arkhaven Comics. Is main blog is vox popoli.

Matt Briggs is a statistician and Thomist: his book on uncertainty is essential reading for anyone doing research. Cappy writes on economics, and gives cynical advice.

Darn the Mormons. They can now write. See Larry Correia, Brad Torgenson, and the first good writer, Orson Scott Card.


Local Church.

I do not believe that any Christian should be flying solo. The local church is important: Christ works through the local church. My church, like all churches, should state its faith openly. Reading this does not replace that church! This is a good place to start to ask questions. It is worth noting that theologically I’m more of a Westminster confession person than a full blown Pentecostal, but the reformed, in my town, are very fragile. You need to find a good church. No church is perfect. If you want good resources for music and have qualms about Hillsong (though I like Hillsong’s music. A lot. Kiwi writers there) try City Alight.

The Ladysphere.

Hearthrose Ramblings: Amy at Work. Hearthie (Amy) was involved in the now defunct blog Traditional Christianity, which explored marriage for (female) believers in this fallen time. A lot of good blogs have fallen by the wayside, but grerp is still up, and the lost art of self preservation of women is a good resource to point young women at.. I use Elspeth’s site a lot — because of her reviews, her wisdom, and her links. From that I found Robyn at up with marriage is worth a look.

The Reformed Sphere.

Will is astute and the creator of that useful term: evanjellyfish. You can find him at Patriactionary

Virginia Huguenot has plenty of recommendations.

The Orthosphere.

Mundabor is part of the faithful Catholic Remnant, who documents that the church is leaving him. Dwight Longenecker is worth reading: he left Anglicanism for Catholicism and now is also fighting a rearguard action there. 

I found the wee flea while researching city alight (good music) — a Brit, and active in the faith. Well worth looking at.

Dalrock is the ur-source of much of the discussion around marriage for (male) believers in this fallen time. You should also consider looking at Deep Strength.

Scott is one of those who is always worth reading.

ParaChurch and such.

Jesus gathering is new, and a refugee from Facebook.

On the edges, looking.

These are sites that I don’t always agree with, theologically, but they are worth looking at.

Laura Bon: a pentecostal mystic.

Bruce Charlton — who could appear almost anywhere here. His main blog, with theological speculations, and a tendency to Mormonism. See also the Notion Club Papers and the now dormant Albion Awakening.

Gunner Q is one of the Ilk, and we should support our Christian Ilk.


I don’t do diets. I can eat almost anything, but I’m married to someone who reacts to a lot. We have to be more Gundry than Paleo. This annoys me, because I find Gundry annoying. Personally, I have to be very low carbohydrate, and I find Mark Sisson somewhat more balanced. The person who clued me onto this, Keoni Galt, is anything but that.

I don’t like alcohol, but I like flavour. No alcohol beers and wines are useful and in NZ Bacchus Lite is useful. I like simple and easy recipes that we can modify to deal with what we cannot eat, and Michelle Tam is a useful resource, more so than the more local Peter Evans. I like his seed and nut loaf far too much.