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Anything digital is insecure.

If you want to keep something truly secure you don’t put it on a computer. Computers are not for secrets.. Paper is better: handwritten is best. Things you don’t need to worry about getting stolen — the sermon notes you took, knowing that the sermon is going to be up in a fortnight on the […]

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Mail systems, and avoiding the news.

I have an ambivelent relationship with Google, based to a large extent on mistrust. Some of their tools are useful, and many people still use blogger. I have used Youtube to find music for the blog — I don’t for listening. But they make their money out of advertisements, and that is a problem. I […]

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The joys of reinstallation and notes to myself.

> Notes to myself Get it in writing. By writing I mean handwritten. Analogue documents, such as diaries, have to be physically acquired, they cannot be hacked. Conversely, anything electronically out there is public. You can use this in your favour Take notes of any singificant meeting. THere are ways of doing this in bullet […]

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KaOS, Digikam, and Monday Technical

I noted last week that Digikam does not run well with debian. This includes the Appimage. I want Digikam in my photo flow. So, I’ve looked at other issues. Opensuse and me don’t work well together. I need something reliable, that has been around for a while, and that runs plasma. The alternatives are endeavour […]

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Setting up the laptop for photos.

One of the frugal things I do is avoid, as much as possible, commercial solutions. This includes working on photos: I have a second blog for that and I have for years used open source tools. I’m  reading and absorbing Dmitri Popov’s work,  which includes using simple tools to get things done. As part of […]

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Monday technical.

We are in the process of simplification. Not minimalism: that is too complicated. But being deliberate about what we keep, and what gets recycled — to the kids, to tinkerers in the family, and to the Salvation Army. It means you change habits. Most authors want a review on goodreads: that account is closed. I […]


2019 Stats and administrivia.

This blog was restarted in April. I have been running three sets of statistics and avoiding Google since October. So, FWIW: noting one of these things is not like the others, and that Statcounter started again and is probably the most reliable.   Pageviews Visitors Data from NewStatsPress Dec 14832 3697 NewStatsPress total 40135 7107 […]

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Monday Technical (and monthly stats)

One of the useful things about Ghost BSD (which is really a freeBSD thing) is that it is semi-rolling. Updates come about every fortnight, are curated, and when you install them things don’t break. (this is different from Debian testing, where the changes come a lot faster). You reboot and get on with it. This […]

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The weekly reactivity

This week locally has been marred by thunderstorms and hail. A woman in Palmerston is having her oak tree taken down after a lightening strike that (praise God) missed the shed where she was feeding the calves. Locally, we have had alternating days of heavy hail and beautiful fine weather. Spring is late, but here, […]

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Linux convergence: Rainbow Taliban ruin everything

In the last few months I have standardized my machines on Debian testing. It works OK… but what has been happening is that things that used to be slow and not optimized well now run fast and the old systems are flakey. I’m now using kde as my environment over xfce because the reviewers were […]