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Monday technical.

We are in the process of simplification. Not minimalism: that is too complicated. But being deliberate about what we keep, and what gets recycled — to the kids, to tinkerers in the family, and to the Salvation Army. It means you change habits. Most authors want a review on goodreads: that account is closed. I […]

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Monday technical

Getting rid of Google as much as possible is a good thing. The following is a critique of a hardware hacker who produced a phone analogue running FreeBSD (all good) but then used google services. I would add this: every time people try to get me to join a facebook group I cringe. Facebook is […]


The writing on the weekly wall.

Ah, Saturday. You have a chance to sleep in: the work of the week is done: the week in reaction is put to bed before Adam has his hot links up. You awake, a little too early, because the Dog needs to be let out. It is a glorious morning, when the doomsters from climate […]

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The wearables panic (Monday Technical).

Over the weekend, the news broke. Google is taking over fitbit. I used to have a fitbit, but It did not pair reliably with my (Android clone) phone It annoyed me too much The heart rate was not reliable Kea cannot handle the metal in the back and the straps So I switched to a […]

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Reasons not to use a computer.

I have to schedule my life within workgroup, and although it is possible to connect evolution to it, that depends on where you work. My workaround is having the Outlook on my phone and work computers — and to use the web interface elsewhere. But that is sharing what is decided. When it comes to […]

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Modern curmudgeon poem.

I was going to put up something imagistic. But Dahl is more needed at this time. Kids need to read books, not screens. So that they do, not, in their ignorance, become Gretarded. (For they would have seen that priggish demonette in Harry Potter or any other boarding school book). Besides, Roald Dahl is a […]

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This was the week that was.

Doing this once a week means that the quotes will be long, and as an experiment I will try to structure this post. This is the week that Petersen imploded, and his lobster boys demonstrated they were more programmed than NPCs. The better reviews of the week are, as usual, over at the Woodpile Report, […]

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Fitness is a process.

When I was young I was a member of a harrier club. I managed to be a “B” grade member of the team. The “A” grade had three sub four minute milers in it, and I was never that quick. I did not care at all what I ate — it was fuel, I was […]

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Body hacks 4.

There has been a week’s delay for this, as we were on holiday. This meant that we have to modify what we do. Firstly, we found that the standard Kiwi cooked breakfast, even if you ask for no bread and for a salad (and we did) was loaded with carbohydrates. There was not enough nutrition […]

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E scooter demise

The comments on the death of Emily H. by e scooter (which happens: there was one in my town within three months of lime scooters being available) at Adam’s place are worth reading. She is a warning. Her death is a tragedy, especially given the trainwreck that was her set of life choices. Requiescat in […]