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I am putting my photos up at this site. It is still under construction, and will take a while to stabilize. In general, the photos I use here come from my phone. The photos there, however, are from trips with tripod, camera, and have been worked on. Our food budget is big. But our eating […]

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The failure of postmodern woke.

The woke fail because they have nothing but abstractions. Ideology trumps everything, as intersectional Manichees. They hate the concrete. But life is made up of the concrete, the real. The map is not the nation, the model does not account for all variation, and your spouse is not virtual, nor a song, nor a poem. […]

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Reclaim the amateur status of the Arts.

When I was young, living in a centrally planned conservative country, university places were hard to get and you got a small stipend to go there. You did not take loans: that came with the neoliberals. As did the use of the university (and now all education) as a vector for activism, not knowledge. In […]

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Following on a little from yesterday, and noting that Adam is on a roll, we need to consider that most people want to be good. But those of Christ. We know we are many things, but we are not good. Christ alone is good, Christ alone is righteous, and that is why the modern degenerate […]

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Adam Piggott notes that the middle kingdom is treating Australia as a client state. The British used to practice gunboat diplomacy: it is now the turn of the Peoples Liberation Navy. The implication is that China considers Canberra to be as weak as the Ming Dynasty. Probably correctly. The Chinese are using an economic wedge […]

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Daybook Queens Birthday.

Last night, on the day when the diverse sexualities have their official celebration day, Brian Tamaki apologised for the mean things he had said to them. This was not enough for many of the rainbow community, who immediately turned on those who had discussed their experience with him and supported him in making this statement. […]