Body hacks 4.

There has been a week’s delay for this, as we were on holiday. This meant that we have to modify what we do. Firstly, we found that the standard Kiwi cooked breakfast, even if you ask for no bread and for a salad (and we did) was loaded with carbohydrates. There was not enough nutrition Continue Reading

Body Hack 1.

At present we are doing a few things differently from standard. Firstly, we are not going to the box. At all. We are still members, and I still believe that a crossfit box is the safest place to lift heavy because a good coach keeps you within limits, but we are stressing our bodies in Continue Reading

Autodidact Daybook.

As someone who read all of the 1967 World book Encyclopedia by 1970 (including the hagiography for Richard M Nixon in the 1969 update), can conform. I was lower energy than Stacey. I was bored. Yes, both parents are retired teachers. Neither are typical: my Dad cross trained after qualifying as a builder (which would Continue Reading