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On the joys of the commeteriat and administration.

About every second day I have to empty the spam bucket around here. I have bad behaviour and Akismet up and running, and crap still gets through. Some people think that blogs are about the comments, which normally means that they think the blog is about them. Vox Popoli, which has the best set of […]

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Monday Technical (and monthly stats)

One of the useful things about Ghost BSD (which is really a freeBSD thing) is that it is semi-rolling. Updates come about every fortnight, are curated, and when you install them things don’t break. (this is different from Debian testing, where the changes come a lot faster). You reboot and get on with it. This […]

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Friday Fitness (no Fitbit)

It appears that big data and big insurance are encouraging people to wear their apple watches and/or fitbit to “get their steps in” because sitting around is deemed the new smoking. I have a couple of problems with this. The first is that I mistrust Google and these insurance companies, and I’m not the only […]

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Linux convergence: Rainbow Taliban ruin everything

In the last few months I have standardized my machines on Debian testing. It works OK… but what has been happening is that things that used to be slow and not optimized well now run fast and the old systems are flakey. I’m now using kde as my environment over xfce because the reviewers were […]

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The wearables panic (Monday Technical).

Over the weekend, the news broke. Google is taking over fitbit. I used to have a fitbit, but It did not pair reliably with my (Android clone) phone It annoyed me too much The heart rate was not reliable Kea cannot handle the metal in the back and the straps So I switched to a […]

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Reasons not to use a computer.

I have to schedule my life within workgroup, and although it is possible to connect evolution to it, that depends on where you work. My workaround is having the Outlook on my phone and work computers — and to use the web interface elsewhere. But that is sharing what is decided. When it comes to […]

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Day book Memes.

There is more spam coming through at present, but it’s being quietly dealt with. Did a lot of text yesterday, so a fair number of memes tonight. The Son says I should crop the image…. which I did. The woke left are doing what they always do when they can’t win arguments: they injure, hurt […]

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E scooter demise

The comments on the death of Emily H. by e scooter (which happens: there was one in my town within three months of lime scooters being available) at Adam’s place are worth reading. She is a warning. Her death is a tragedy, especially given the trainwreck that was her set of life choices. Requiescat in […]

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The first bit of news is (ahem) hardware. The Pinebook Pro will be available for order from July 25. The original Pinebook had some use — I once resurrected a previous iteration of this blog on a pinebook in a hotel room — but it was painfully slow. It’s shipping with Debian, and (From previous […]

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Adam Piggott notes that the middle kingdom is treating Australia as a client state. The British used to practice gunboat diplomacy: it is now the turn of the Peoples Liberation Navy. The implication is that China considers Canberra to be as weak as the Ming Dynasty. Probably correctly. The Chinese are using an economic wedge […]