Quick notes.

Don’t go out, women, with men you just want to be friends with. A number of pretty, successful young girls are dead — this is the most recent one — because they did not cut those who felt off out of their lives completely. It is one year since Lori Alexander stated the obvious, and Continue Reading


Emily Hart is dead. We are informed we are all mourning her. Or the UK meiia are. It hit my google feed, but not my thing. Her videos do not involve fast cars, cameras, how to garden, or lifting technique. Adam Piggott watched her video so you don’t have to. If you are a public Continue Reading

The decline of the woke number 59.

Shot. Not too long ago, conventional wisdom held that the internet should enjoy minimal government oversight precisely because it was a technology that enabled open and free speech for everyone. The remedy for hateful and offensive remarks, that 1990s-vintage argument went, was more speech—or logging off.This principle, which can be traced back through the writings Continue Reading


The first bit of news is (ahem) hardware. The Pinebook Pro will be available for order from July 25. The original Pinebook had some use — I once resurrected a previous iteration of this blog on a pinebook in a hotel room — but it was painfully slow. It’s shipping with Debian, and (From previous Continue Reading