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Friday Fitness…

We are in lockdown. It is not quite this bad, but it is getting there. This was an April Fool’s joke, but the “stay in your neighbourhood” stuff is getting to people. We are doing a daily walk of between 40 minutes and 70 minutes. The days we don’t do this, we feel pretty awful. […]

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Marriage is only in middle earth (1 April 2020).

Let us consider marriage. It was from the beginning, and since the beginning it has been both a source of vexation and comfort. Satan tempted the wife for if nothing more than this: Adam loved her and listened to her. In this age, there is a high chance that your marriage will implode. Some would […]

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Friday Fitness Lockdown.

Let’s start with Mark Sisson, who summarizes what we should all be considering. We are in lockdown here — we are allowed out to exercise but must “stay in our bubble” not letting anyone who we are not isolated with within 2 m of us and not stop and chat. Pools are closed. Gyms are […]

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24 March 2020: notes for a lockdown.

In less than 48 hours, on midnight Wednesday, New Zealand goes into lockdown. We won’t be the same during it, and we won’t be the same after it. So what should we be doing? The first thing is that we should pray. That as our churches go virtual, including the home groups that can no […]

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This week in reaction

As our society moves into lockdown, there is no point at all warning about COVID. You warn about things before they happen, not when you are in the middle of it. Yesterday everyone in the family got a text from our GP advising us that everyone over 70 and the immunocomprimised should self-isolate. At this […]

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The ethics of scarcity.

This is about COVID 19 and a nice bit of information: there are ususally around 180 ICU beds for the five million kiwis. If half a percent need them with the current virus, that is 500 per million, or 2500 for the population. There is a reason our leaders are talking about “slowing the curve”. […]

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Coronavirus Notebook.

Things are now moving very fast, so let’s just put things up as I find them and keep it going. Personally, I’ve cancelled any trips, and work is cancelling unneeded meetings. This should make us a lot more productive. My friend Mick referred me to a meditation by the good archbishop cramner, that is worth […]

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Corona virus update.

I got an email yesterday about Allieaz, who insures me when I travel for work, not covering any COVID 19 related illnesses in contacts taken after January 30. In the meantime, Auckland University is freezing hiring because Chinese students can’t get here. Italy has closed all cultural and sporting centres and childcare centres in the […]

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We don’t have to make things up. (Reactivity)

I am trying not to write about a certain virus. They are other posts: and there is enough stupidity left in this world to make a list of reactivity. To start with, one of our pollsters (National party: read globalist business) still believes racism is a sin. One committed by Shane Jones. It is not […]

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Lent Sunday One [1 March 2020]

Today we have to rest. I woke up in significant pain yesterday, and at about 6 am we were driving to the hospital. After a long wait, an ultrsound, IV line in, and blood pressures lower tthan I had when I was in my twenties, it appears that I was passing a kidney stone, hence […]