While the Brexit mess is ongoing, there are people in NZ who have the police arrive at their doorstep because of their social media postings. The current declarations imply that Facebook, Google, Twitter etc will report you if they deem you are hateful. WordPress, who are probably the biggest blog hosting site, have taken down Continue Reading

Brexit Bananas.

I’m writing this the day before the European Elections. With some disclaimers. I dislike the EU intensely. But, says my sole Belgian reader, how can you? You are from New Zealand. True. Firstly, the common agriculture policy gutted New Zealand’s economy. When we finally ran out of money and could not subsidize our farmers, I Continue Reading

23 May 19

Wisdom is the ability to practically make the correct choices when there are risks. It is easy to appear wise when times are good, and many people seem to (then) be prosperous, successful, and are praised. It is easy to be praised for work just completed. The question is if you can continue with that Continue Reading

Daybook (Aussie)

The day after Scott Morrison won the Australian election, to the shock of the meida caste, the nightly news instead lead something else, and then had a post that included Morrison being ambushed on the way to church. This is the shortest reasonable analysis of what happened in Australia. Read the real thing. The sort Continue Reading

Around the traps.

Adam is wrong. Australia is not the only first world country to get socialism, full dose. NZ had it, under Muldoon (nominally conservative, in practice a micromanaging, tyrannical bastard). Our current government was bad, but they have not bankrupted us. Yet. Muldoon did. However, the Aussie Greens (who are woke, hypocritical, and hypersensitive) will be Continue Reading

The Broken Kipple.

An occasional poem, from Kipling. Discussing those who could not become remittance men: those, and the third and fourth sons of the gentry, builded the Antipodean colonies, particularly New Zealand and Canada. The Broken Men For things we never mention, For Art misunderstood — For excellent intention That did not turn to good; From ancient Continue Reading

14 May 19

Within church history, there have been times when entire peoples have been converted to the faith, almost overnight. One apostle, one incident, and a nation turns to faith. This happened in the islands last century (and we should give thanks to the Anglican Church Missionary Society and the congregationalists, who did the bulk of the Continue Reading

Mon 13th May

When I was a younger man, I used to walk past the British Isrealite bookshop. One of the questions asked by such is what happened to the 10 tribes of Israel when the kingdom of Israel disappeared. We do not need to look far: for scripture has an answer. They were joined with Judah, in Continue Reading