I’m putting together a collection of songs that are on high repeat in this house. Generally trying to find high quality versions of them. Many of these have thousands if not millions of views. But there is a reason for that. Finally, something from my side of the Tasman, and our church.

Thursday 9 May 19

The Lectionary continues to consider what is worthy of honour and praise. Who is worthy. For within heaven and earth, no one is as worthy as Christ, who has called people from all tribes and nations to be of him, and be his ministers. There is no selection by birthright: you do not have to Continue Reading

Weekend Music.

This started when I began to discuss the music that existed when I was a student. My beloved is younger, and did not know the bands. So some music from that period, and from where I live.

Lectionary Easter Monday 2019

Today I’m mixing lectionaries, using both the revised common lectionary and the book of common prayer. Both are available at Bible Gateway. Both are good. Both contain more text than I will put up on any one day. 22 “Men of Israel, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested to you by God with mighty works Continue Reading


Why is Easter so important to the Church? Simply put, if Jesus had not risen on the third day, he would have just become another long-forgotten person cruelly executed by the Roman empire. But…he rose from the dead never to die again, and to defeat death so that we can live with him for all Continue Reading

Antipodean music.

After Easter, indeed within days, there is ANZAC. Some music, for what is it worth, from Australia and New Zealand This was written by an Aussie, and we’ll let Eddie Veder in. He spends a fair amount of time in NZ.