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Anything digital is insecure.

If you want to keep something truly secure you don’t put it on a computer. Computers are not for secrets.. Paper is better: handwritten is best. Things you don’t need to worry about getting stolen — the sermon notes you took, knowing that the sermon is going to be up in a fortnight on the […]

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Weekend catchup.

Firstly, Dalrock is going inactive. I don’t link that much to him, because the fights I tend to have are more with active heretics and enemies of the faith. Besides, Dalrock, Scott and Elspeth have that corner of the argument covered. But it is sad to see an old blog go: though I pray D. […]

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Social Media is bad for you (Monday Technical).

Social Media is bad for you, and it is designed to hook you in. One of the rules we have is that we will say “screens down”. Not infrequently. People take priority, and doing things outside in the sun is better than playing games. In real life. To paraphrase Adam, if the social media mob […]

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Caffeinated Reaction

The press bleats on about climate change. That the Prime Minister of Australia — who returned from his holiday because of the Christmas Bush fires is damned while the socailist Premier of Victoria, who has responsibility for bushfire prevention, remained in China for his break is rank hypocrisy. Our Prime Minister is still partying in […]

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Monday Tech Implosion.

One of my colleagues showed me his new very smart watch. Measures his oxygen saturatation. Monitors his sleep. Notes his illnesses, and he likes the data. This all feels very controlling: and I’d worry about where the data is going. Far better to stick to something analogue. Further on open source. Nothing is pure. If […]

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Monday technical

Getting rid of Google as much as possible is a good thing. The following is a critique of a hardware hacker who produced a phone analogue running FreeBSD (all good) but then used google services. I would add this: every time people try to get me to join a facebook group I cringe. Facebook is […]

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The great deplatforming.

I used to have a social media profile. I am now anonymous: my professional life is on the appropriate pages, but that does not include Facebook and Twitter. They are becoming closed gardens for Pravda. Pravda is the official narrative, often orthogonal to the truth. This seems to make corporations more money than targeted advertising. […]

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I missed this the first time, but in my experience, the biggest ever group of idiots, those who swallowed the kool aid good and hard, and ruined their lives, were my generation. But, once you start looking at the breakdowns of the numbers at a regional and local level, some interesting patterns start to emerge. […]

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Social media regulation daybook.

One of these things is not like the other. One of these people is wrong, or both are right. It is fair to say that random bannings have an effect on the average person akin to random alcohol breath tests — the former means that you don’t talk truth on social media, and the latter […]

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Some administration: I have made statcounter summary counts public, added a privacy page, and will soon add a commenting page. The theme currently does not allow for extracts only. This means the page is long. I am adding google analytics. The theme is now Twenty eleven light, with the correct licence up. FInally, the lectionary […]