New Zealand Poetry

Baxter: two poems.

What can I say about Baxter? He was troubled, broken, burned too bright: died too young. In my view, he is the best New Zealand poet. And the academics hate him. He’s too religious, too much a bloke. He’s accused of being horrible to his wife, a good poet in her own right (and he […]

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Midweek quick linkage.

Firstly, Kevin at Other McCain needs some help. He has health issues. For those that don’t know, Kevin has been a large part of the success of this humble site. A few months after I began I approached Kevin to get on the almost daily link posts at The Other McCain. It was cheeky, I […]

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This week in reaction

The usual suspects have links up. Reaction Times is continuously updated, and here. Matt Briggs reports on the move to make veganism mandatory. The woodpile report is here. Adam Piggott’s epistle is here, and he reminds us that the only way to make your links and quotes is to not think about it, but do […]

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The week that is in reaction

Well, after Australia crashed out of the Rugby world cup, this weekend it was New Zealand’s turn. I had a certain sense of relief. The news had been taken over by rugby: life is more than that. When the game did happen (and we were losing) the one time there was a counter attack we could […]

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This week in reaction.

The notebook is back to being weekly. This is a week in which Jacinda drafted a bill with fishhooks which don’t merely grab all the guns in NZ by the ability to have order in council but allow for warrantless searches and remove the right to silence. One of the coalition parties is getting a […]

Lectionary New Zealand

24 October 19.

All scripture is God given, but when the people have ignored God, the scripture is ignored. All scripture is profitable for us, but some scripture is a warning. Do not do this. Do not go down that path. Do not assume that you can legislate evil into good. And do not think your deceit and […]

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Midweek Notebook.

After Monday’s technical post becoming quoate (I never said I would be consistent) driven by the local body elections, back to the usual run of things. The woodpile report and Week in Doom were not up on Monday: they are now. Quotage VFM Bear said it best: it’s the indoor plumbing that I’m going to […]

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Sunday songlist.

This was sung at Church this morning. Found the original artist. And this is local.

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Half Weekly Notebook

These posts run to thousands of words, so I’m going to split them up. I’m also going to get the trackbacks going, in part to annoy Stacey’s Minions who keep track of who quotes whom. I’m still using headings, and trying to cover more than just doom and gloom. OK, where to find stuff? Adam’s […]

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Nations matter (Daybook)

Why to nations matter? Because culture matters. Generally, there are no particular virtues of belonging to this nation or that: all nations have things in their past that were less than ideal, virtues, and flaws. What matters is that the culture assumes certain rules and behaviours. I am a Kiwi. The idea of faking maintenance […]