Just in time for the 4th of July and the big social media strike, Gab has released their browser, Dissenter, which is apparently a fork of Brave. I’ve not been able to do well with brave. Before one does this, one updates — and on this test machine, running Manjaro Linux (and Deepin) that can Continue Reading


I missed this the first time, but in my experience, the biggest ever group of idiots, those who swallowed the kool aid good and hard, and ruined their lives, were my generation. But, once you start looking at the breakdowns of the numbers at a regional and local level, some interesting patterns start to emerge. Continue Reading


I dislike e scooters. E bikes are cool, but e scooters, are fast, scary, and unstable. There have been a number of significant injuries. However, there is now a death: the first fatal accident in New Zealand has happened. Sympathies to the grieving family. In the meantime, Israel Folau has begun to find non converged Continue Reading


One of the places I visit at times is St Stephen Martyr, Opotiki. It was originally a Mission Church, and Julius Volkner was killed there by Maori who believed a preacher from a cargo cult. It was one of the last acts of the Land Wars, and now about 150 years ago. The issues are Continue Reading