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Holiday update: To the Island.

We started our holiday with a road trip, deviating to Gore, where the shopping was remarkably good. Then Invercargill, which was a disappointment. I’ve checked with locals afterwards, and we made a mistake: we went into the CBD. Which is a reasonably good place to go if you want to have a worship service, but […]

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Reactivity. (The next war will censored, twitter included).

Never talk to the media Via Vox Day, who will only talk to people about books he’s published. The nationalists and EU This is a time when teh Donald is ensuring that the deep state globalists are being rinsed from power. The elite are horrified that the ethical standards they applied to the current president […]

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This week in reactivity.

Well, we are back home, and having a “still on holiday” weekend — there will be a holiday report done over a few weeks, but to start things off on the right foot we need to see what has been happening. Godzone Politicans politicize everything because, like a hammer, they think everything is a nail. […]

New Zealand Lectionary

8 February 2020

One of the things that happens when you do not walk with God is that you become stupid and blind. Stupid, because you find yourself without discernment, thinking up clever schemes and thinking that they will work when historically they do not. Such people do not have a replication problem: they always fail. Blind because […]

New Zealand Lectionary

Waitangi Day (6 Feb 2020)

One hundred and eighty years ago — a full nine score — the Nga Puhi chiefs signed a treaty at Waitangi, that over the the remainder of 1840 was signed by another few hundred chiefs from multiple tribes (iwi). The only iwi that did not sign were the Tuhoe. Nonetheless, we now take this day […]

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5 February 2020 (Two anthems)

We are soon approaching Waitangi Day and the woke want to remove the first verse of our national song[1]. For the non Kiwis, the official version is below. To appease the Turk and the woke, the idea is to omit the first verse. I guess it sold a few papers, and it is an election […]

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4 February 2020

I have been talking to son one, and recounting how on the trip to date we have managed to get off Stewart Island before a roaring gale destroyed buildings for Invercargill, and out of Milford Sound the day before the road flooded. It is true. God has been good to us. We should always be […]

Australia New Zealand Poetry

The also serve the empire who keep the nuts tightened. (Poem)

This is not a Kipling. It is a Bush poem. Banjo Patterson was Australia’s popular poet of the Imperial era, and he knew Kipling wrote true when he said engineers — the sons of Martha — had their duty. They do not preach that their God will rouse them a little before the nuts work […]

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The second Sunday after Epiphany: 19 January 2020

The season of Christmas has ended, and we are supposed to be in summer: we are wearing sweaters most mornings and evenings, for the days have been cooler than usual in Southern New Zealand. Australia could do with our showers, and we’d like a bit of their heat. The school holidays are reaching the point […]

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Some predictions.

David Farrar has up his 20 predictions for 2020 — which is worth looking at is it is how the elite think. David was (and probably is) the main pollster used by the National Party in the last couple of elections, when the party got close to a plurality. Not quite, though… which is why […]