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The week in reaction.

In NZ we are now into the second week of lockdown — and someone asked what is beyond level 4? The answer was “curfew”. Not sure how that would work at casa weka, where one of us is an essential worker and is mandated to go to work — while another is over 70 and […]

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Mail: Economic fallout part zero.

My bank sent me this. It’s interesting, because we are only one week into a four week planned lockdown. Our most recent COVID-19 survey was sent out in the first few days of lockdown, and this is what we found: The Government daily updates are a very effective source of information about COVID-19 – 64% […]

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End of the month (31 March 2020)

There are two parts to this. The first is that there is a prince of the air, who rejoices when we do what we will, and assuage our desires, neglecting our duty. For in that we do damage. It is not merely pleasure which he rules, but the skepticism and subtle pleasures we know are […]

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What we did on our holidays.

The reason we went to Stewart Island was Ulva Island. This is a bird sanctuary, and it is wonderful. For most of the day, I was carrying a very long (150 -600mm) birding lens. Fatigue did not help with the shots. These were taken with the cellphone, but one. Following four hours there, we went […]

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On how not to run a system.

I’m dealing with a fair number of problems at work today. In between jobs, looking at what is going on. Locally, our system is coping, but it is the beginning of the storm, and we don’t know if we reacted fast enough to dodge it or not. As is often the case, the USA is […]

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Monday Technical.

If last week was setting up the home office to get things working, this week is when the rubber hits the road. Anything that can be done from home will be done from home, and the process on returning from work will be that all clothing goes into the wash, lunch bag included. It appears […]

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This week in reaction, locked down.

Well, we are in lockdown and I have had the mandatory risk assessment about what duties I can do (which appears to be everything I normally do anyway). On Thursday, the first day of the lock down, we managed to get the work system up and running, and what work needed to be done, done. […]

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Our hope is not in ourselves. (March 28 2020)

I’m now taking a lot more time to get things done, and reading more slowly. Theology matters. We may be silenced — the rules over here are fairly draconian and hate speech regulation, akin to Aussie, is just around the corner — but there will be a restoration. The times after this will glorify God […]

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This is not a time to over read things — Lockdown COVID day 1 (26 March 2020)

If you follow the link to today’s revised common lectionary (and you should in NZ: we are in lockdown and we have time) you will find that the other passages today are from Revelations. There are many at the moment who are going full doomster. However, we are in a crisis, and the things to […]

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Wednesday Kipple

I have not quoted this before now on any version of the blog. It is one of the most famous poems. Worth recalling when there is crisis. It is far, far better, when… If in panic and in doubt, Run in circles, scream and shout Herman Wouk It is better to keep one’s head. If […]