20 August 2019

One of the weird things that the elite do (apart from destroying morals and strip mining corporations) is think that there will be no consequences to their behaviour. They can reject God, despise his people, destroy the nation and peoples, import a new population that are more amenable to their needs — and there will Continue Reading


I do have advanced degrees, and work, and do advocacy within that — but this blog is anonymous, so I don’t talk about such. I do quote, with this observation: all three sons are finalizing (last papers) their degrees, and all three, though bright, have no intention of gaining advanced diplomas. University is a waste Continue Reading


The level of photography in the blog is improving as Gab becomes more populated, particularly by traditionalists. It appears that beauty is subversive again. The Pharisees have always found beauty suspect. In most times, the Pharisees are conservatives, but in this time they are woke. The old fashioned fags hate this. They want their beauty Continue Reading