The woke inquisition

Louisa Wall is a self identified minority person who was parachuted into Manurewa, a very safe Labour seat. She’s not done much about the poverty there — if anything, it has got worse. But she virtue signals. Since we can currently question her, she wants all social media and all official presses to be censored, Continue Reading

Weekend Music.

This started when I began to discuss the music that existed when I was a student. My beloved is younger, and did not know the bands. So some music from that period, and from where I live.

Lectionary Saturday.

The disciples were witnesses to the resurrection of Christ. But they found it very hard to comprehend. Christ had to demonstrate to them that he was not a ghost, not a fraud, but was real. He was healed, whole, eternal, and able to do things no human can. And his promise is that we will Continue Reading