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Coronavirus Notebook.

Things are now moving very fast, so let’s just put things up as I find them and keep it going. Personally, I’ve cancelled any trips, and work is cancelling unneeded meetings. This should make us a lot more productive. My friend Mick referred me to a meditation by the good archbishop cramner, that is worth […]

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Midweek reaction (Corona Chan has left the reservation)

The Corona Chan The schools in Italy have been closed because Coronavirus is now in Italy. They are taking the economic hit, now. Locally, some suppliers are running short. We were working on shelving over the weekend and the local big box store has run out of such. We put an order in, now. We […]

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Notes on Divorce (19 February 2020)

Today we were invited to a Golden Wedding Anniversary. These events are getting more rare as time goes on. Our marriage rate is imploding, and the amount of dysfunction and despair among both children and parents is increasing. The state interferes with marriage, creating new grounds for divorce, and now divorce, legally, is at a […]

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Reactivity. (The next war will censored, twitter included).

Never talk to the media Via Vox Day, who will only talk to people about books he’s published. The nationalists and EU This is a time when teh Donald is ensuring that the deep state globalists are being rinsed from power. The elite are horrified that the ethical standards they applied to the current president […]

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Scott on Dalrock.

Scott, like Adam, works by his own name and talks at times about work. I cannot: condition of my employment. To understand Scott’s reaction to Dalrock closing it’s good to start with a self description of him. I’ve always been a pretty dispassionate observer of natural phenomena, and I don’t get rattled much by true […]

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The memes of reaction.

What happened in this post Markle week? We have found that woke industries go broke, unless subsidized. Which is how the BBC survives, and Red Radio in NZ. Locally, dairy farm prices are falling, which is not a good sign. The ongoing collapse into political correctness of the academy continues. We have been busy, but […]

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Caffeinated Reaction

The press bleats on about climate change. That the Prime Minister of Australia — who returned from his holiday because of the Christmas Bush fires is damned while the socailist Premier of Victoria, who has responsibility for bushfire prevention, remained in China for his break is rank hypocrisy. Our Prime Minister is still partying in […]

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This week in reaction.

The inherent tyranny of the Kiwi Left became very apparent this week. One of the people who attended the select committee about gun restrictions had a police raid. During dinner. With a four week old kid in the house. Stuart Nash sold the gun grab as removing guns “designed purely for killing people” from the […]

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This week in reaction.

If I don’t watch it, this blog takes over. I have a life, and life is more important. To help me with this, I now program the posting dates of almost everything (including, most days, the lectionary). This also means that things will take a while to get out there. But this is weekly digest […]

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Some predictions.

David Farrar has up his 20 predictions for 2020 — which is worth looking at is it is how the elite think. David was (and probably is) the main pollster used by the National Party in the last couple of elections, when the party got close to a plurality. Not quite, though… which is why […]