Around the traps.

Adam is wrong. Australia is not the only first world country to get socialism, full dose. NZ had it, under Muldoon (nominally conservative, in practice a micromanaging, tyrannical bastard). Our current government was bad, but they have not bankrupted us. Yet. Muldoon did. However, the Aussie Greens (who are woke, hypocritical, and hypersensitive) will be Continue Reading


Further adjustments in the themes, with the aim that this place is more readable and navigable, including on tablets and phones. The older themes are very PC centric: Now using a minimal child theme. Let’s see how this works. Again, comments help… they are open for 21 days after any post. In the meantime, some Continue Reading

May Day Lectionary

Some weeks and some days there is considerable stress. You are not being unduly concerned, the elite are out to silence you. Your contributions are unacknowledged, your way of living is considered lame, unfashionable, and in some way evil, and what they are trying to do is get us to fear. Today is 1 May: Continue Reading


I know this is late: it was published before Easter. As I know that this Easter the number of martyrs increased, yet again, for our Sri Lankan brothers did go to church on Sunday — where they were blown up. Before the Northern Europeans were converted, life was nasty, brutish, and short. The West was Continue Reading