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The week in reaction.

In NZ we are now into the second week of lockdown — and someone asked what is beyond level 4? The answer was “curfew”. Not sure how that would work at casa weka, where one of us is an essential worker and is mandated to go to work — while another is over 70 and […]

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This week in reaction

As our society moves into lockdown, there is no point at all warning about COVID. You warn about things before they happen, not when you are in the middle of it. Yesterday everyone in the family got a text from our GP advising us that everyone over 70 and the immunocomprimised should self-isolate. At this […]

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The secular sharia: this week in reaction.

This week has been mainly about getting ready for if we need to shut down things. I have lost hours trying to get the toolkit one needs to work by distance up and running. Travel is cancelled. And the planners are getting ulcers. We should not. The USA have stopped travel from Europe, with good […]

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7 March 2020: Do not fear being despised.

When I was young, I was in the University Track club. I was not fast enough to be coached by John Davies, who was a sub four minute miler and Bronze Medalist. He’s dead: melanoma in his 60s. (Which is why we all started wearing shirts and hats). His coach is quite dead: the other […]

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16 January 2020 (Sexegesma, and Post Valentines)

The law of Moses was a law of life, and this is now despised, because many of our elite hate life and hate our species and our nations and our tribes. They often call themselves quite spiritual, wiccan, natural… and if more honest and Australian, Satanic. They choose death. We should not do so. Almighty […]

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Reactivity. (The next war will censored, twitter included).

Never talk to the media Via Vox Day, who will only talk to people about books he’s published. The nationalists and EU This is a time when teh Donald is ensuring that the deep state globalists are being rinsed from power. The elite are horrified that the ethical standards they applied to the current president […]

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This week in reactivity.

Well, we are back home, and having a “still on holiday” weekend — there will be a holiday report done over a few weeks, but to start things off on the right foot we need to see what has been happening. Godzone Politicans politicize everything because, like a hammer, they think everything is a nail. […]

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5 February 2020 (Two anthems)

We are soon approaching Waitangi Day and the woke want to remove the first verse of our national song[1]. For the non Kiwis, the official version is below. To appease the Turk and the woke, the idea is to omit the first verse. I guess it sold a few papers, and it is an election […]

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Scott on Dalrock.

Scott, like Adam, works by his own name and talks at times about work. I cannot: condition of my employment. To understand Scott’s reaction to Dalrock closing it’s good to start with a self description of him. I’ve always been a pretty dispassionate observer of natural phenomena, and I don’t get rattled much by true […]

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Caffeinated Reaction

The press bleats on about climate change. That the Prime Minister of Australia — who returned from his holiday because of the Christmas Bush fires is damned while the socailist Premier of Victoria, who has responsibility for bushfire prevention, remained in China for his break is rank hypocrisy. Our Prime Minister is still partying in […]