Back into the swing of things.

I left my laptop at home. I initially thought this was a mistake, but I could deal with spam and comments fairly easily on a cellphone. Writing however, is a challenge. I prefer to work on mechanical keyboards with big screens. So, now that I am back. some things I read… apart from books. Much Continue Reading

Daybook with Memes

My local MP is resigning. She made it into the cabinet, but failed. A fair amount of her local advocacy has been around social and health issues. Yes, I live in a Labour stronghold for the MP, but in two of the last three elections Labour did not get most of the party vote. David Continue Reading


The spam is getting less creative. I do have google analytics on but I have all the bots switched off. However multiple spam artists hit me with this. Yay google is my world beater helped me to find this outstanding website! The killfile I am not the most grammatical writer, but I’m better than that. Continue Reading