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On the joys of the commeteriat and administration.

About every second day I have to empty the spam bucket around here. I have bad behaviour and Akismet up and running, and crap still gets through. Some people think that blogs are about the comments, which normally means that they think the blog is about them. Vox Popoli, which has the best set of […]

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The week in reactivity.

This week started badly. The activists of the Umma decided to go full jihadi. It got weirder and weirder. A London event was being run to rehabilitate offenders — both the jihadi, one of the two murdered and one of the defenders came from that meeting. The locals stopped the jihadi cold with improvised weapons […]

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The weekly reactivity

This week locally has been marred by thunderstorms and hail. A woman in Palmerston is having her oak tree taken down after a lightening strike that (praise God) missed the shed where she was feeding the calves. Locally, we have had alternating days of heavy hail and beautiful fine weather. Spring is late, but here, […]

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Sunday 3 November 19

The introduction today is not mine, but is a comment on a film review of the new Joker movie. I have not seen it: the sons have. I avoid Hollywood, and the tendency to sexualize and make everything degenerate is hitting gardening videos. (We like gardening videos, because we are about to plant the summer […]

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The week that is in reaction

Well, after Australia crashed out of the Rugby world cup,┬áthis weekend it was New Zealand’s turn. I had a certain sense of relief. The news had been taken over by rugby: life is more than that. When the game did happen (and we were losing) the one time there was a counter attack we could […]

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This week in reaction.

The notebook is back to being weekly. This is a week in which Jacinda drafted a bill with fishhooks which don’t merely grab all the guns in NZ by the ability to have order in council but allow for warrantless searches and remove the right to silence. One of the coalition parties is getting a […]

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Midweek Notebook.

After Monday’s technical post becoming quoate (I never said I would be consistent) driven by the local body elections, back to the usual run of things. The woodpile report and Week in Doom were not up on Monday: they are now. Quotage VFM Bear said it best: it’s the indoor plumbing that I’m going to […]

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This was the week that was.

Doing this once a week means that the quotes will be long, and as an experiment I will try to structure this post. This is the week that Petersen imploded, and his lobster boys demonstrated they were more programmed than NPCs. The better reviews of the week are, as usual, over at the Woodpile Report, […]

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Weekbook of reaction.

The daybook posts take too much time, and I’m busy. So, instead, I’ll keep a notebook during the week and post the good stuff later in the week. There is enough bad stuff out there, and they base their ideology on convenient untruths (regardless of the cost) Adam Piggot has it right — as someone […]

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20 September 2019

In this time and in this world we will be tested and tried. We will be held to account. There are those who deny this, and exalt reason. This does not work. Those who call themselves recovering Christians and such fall into delusions, and the injustice they cause is greater than that which led them […]