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16 January 2020 (Sexegesma, and Post Valentines)

The law of Moses was a law of life, and this is now despised, because many of our elite hate life and hate our species and our nations and our tribes. They often call themselves quite spiritual, wiccan, natural… and if more honest and Australian, Satanic. They choose death. We should not do so. Almighty […]

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Thursday Reformed

Last night, after putting to bed today’s lectionary — Kea and I began to discuss how many see God having created them broken, and are angry with God because of their own doing. They would prefer the blind watchmaker of evolution and the nihilism of the woke to the thought that there is a loving […]

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10 February 2020

Sometimes the introduction for a passage comes from someone else. In this case, one of our honest Papist Brothers, who knows his doctrine, and when someone is betraying it, offering incense not to God but to the spirit of this age. Pope Francis has made an(other) “impassionate appeal” for globalist wealth redistribution, condemning tax cuts […]

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This week in reactivity.

Well, we are back home, and having a “still on holiday” weekend — there will be a holiday report done over a few weeks, but to start things off on the right foot we need to see what has been happening. Godzone Politicans politicize everything because, like a hammer, they think everything is a nail. […]

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5 February 2020 (Two anthems)

We are soon approaching Waitangi Day and the woke want to remove the first verse of our national song[1]. For the non Kiwis, the official version is below. To appease the Turk and the woke, the idea is to omit the first verse. I guess it sold a few papers, and it is an election […]

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Weekend catchup.

Firstly, Dalrock is going inactive. I don’t link that much to him, because the fights I tend to have are more with active heretics and enemies of the faith. Besides, Dalrock, Scott and Elspeth have that corner of the argument covered. But it is sad to see an old blog go: though I pray D. […]

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The memes of reaction.

What happened in this post Markle week? We have found that woke industries go broke, unless subsidized. Which is how the BBC survives, and Red Radio in NZ. Locally, dairy farm prices are falling, which is not a good sign. The ongoing collapse into political correctness of the academy continues. We have been busy, but […]

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24 Jan 2020 — The church must be governed.

I know Paul advised Timothy to not let any man despise him for his youth. However, the rest of us should take courage. Paul spent 14 years after his conversion in Arabia. Arabia was not rich. It was a desert, filled with tribes of reavers. Before Paul started his ministry he went to the apostles […]

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The goodness of God (Thursday Reformed)

The summary of this paragraph is given by Calvin The knowledge of God the Creator defined.. Calvin argues that unless God is good, and the creator, there is no reason to seek him. This is an antipostmodern position, that sees creation as bad, random, and ugly, and needing redefinition into some form of transman. Calvin […]

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Fasting and Christ. 22 Jan 2020

Fasting and seasons of festivals are part of the law of Moses, and that law is good, god inspired, and profitable. So times of discipline and asceticism need to be balanced with times of celebration. Feasting all the time is bad for you, but so is not celebrating. Christ is the bridegroom for the church, […]