The setup.

Comments are only open for seven days. They then close. My handle  is weka, and I write most if not all the stuff here. Links and quotes, are whenever possible, acknowledged. My wife is Kea, and she is a civilian. The reason I am anonymous relates to the way SJW activists dealt with previous blogs that were not: don’t be a jackass, don’t show how woke you are, and don’t be an SJW.

You may notice that there are no social media links on this place. I really don’t want redditors, or the twittari, or faceborg Karens coming here. I work in various places, and live in outside a small university town: details are not  your business.

I used to tolerate Trolls.

But that is before life became busy. If you try to write in a language I don’t read fluently, you will be banned. (for the stupid, that is English and Latin only). I am very good at spotting AI generated text. That gets banned. If you have more than one on topic link, you will get banned.

I use clean talk to spot spam, and it is good. Go get clean talk.

The Rules.

  • You will be treated as you treat others. If you are abusive, lie, do not back up claims, you will be banhammered. If you are personally abusive your comments will be used as fuel for fisking and then you will be banhammered.
  • We are commanded to obey the authorities of our nation: in my case, New Zealand. As NZ functionally has or will have blasphemy laws, the comments will be moderated, and there is no appeal.
  • Do not send images.
  • Write as you would speak to an older person you respect, such as your grandmother. We know you can swear. Those words and variations are banned using Oscar’s blacklist.  Extend your vocabulary, and express your frustration in other ways.
  • Do not name or doxx people: in particular civilians — those who choose not to take part in conversations, who are related to public figures etc. They are not responsible for their relatives, spouses, or friends.
  • Do not abuse people for things they cannot control.
  • If you are asked to back up your assertion, do so.
  • Anonymous commentatory is banned. The use of handles is encouraged.
  • If the rules change, I will add updates.

UPDATE October 2020.

Reorganized and shortened

If you are convinced that your comment has been shredded by the filters, contact me at