• This is a personal blog. The administrators and authors have to take responsibility for whatever is published, or comments therein.
  • We are commanded to obey the authorities of our nation: in my case, New Zealand. As NZ functionally has or will have blasphemy laws, the comments will be moderated, and there is no appeal.
  • Do not send images, or links.
  • Write as you would speak to an older person you respect, such as your grandmother. We know you can swear. Extend your vocabulary, and express your frustration in other ways.
  • Do not name or doxx people: in particular civilians — those who choose not to take part in conversations, who are related to public figures etc. They are not responsible for their relatives, spouses, or friends.
  • Do not abuse people for things they cannot control.
  • If you are asked to back up your assertion, do so.
  • If the rules change, I will add updates.

Trolls annoy me. People who put links up to p0rn, to various legal and illegal medications, or to essay writing sites really annoy me. I run three spam filters on all comments, and they all are set up to automatically delete spam.

If you get through that, I read it. If your trolling is amusing, It will be fisked: your comments are fair game.

If you annoy me, you will be banned.

If you really annoy me, you won’t merely be banned, but I’ll block your email, your address and any associated phone numbers.