Tuesday poem: cat.

We have had a series of serious poems. Eliot is one such: an imagist, and wrote difficult poems, but (being more charitable than Pound) provided footnotes. He also wrote comic poems. Crafted well. Some became part of a musical. This, I think, did not. The Naming of Cats The Naming of Cats is a difficult Continue Reading

9 September 19

Do not build your own mystery. Do not cling to the traditions of the old faith, or what you think is the old faith — the reality of paganism was bloody, fearful, and the appeasement of angry spirits. To the pagan, the gospel has always been good news, for they know their damnation. There will Continue Reading

Sunday Sonnet.

Today we have the last of Anne Locke’s sonnet sequence: it begins with a five sonnet introduction. In this sonnet, as in the psalm, the writer turns from their plea for absolution to praise. The text today is the final verse: then will you delight in right sacrifices, in burnt offerings and whole burnt offerings; Continue Reading

7 Sept 19

Final post Traveling. One of the false love bombs the woke do is say “but your childd does not have faith, or your spouse, or this person you admire”. These people may reject you. Ignore that. It is far better to have faith in Christ and disapproval from your offspring. Instead, be faithful, and pray Continue Reading