23 May 19

Wisdom is the ability to practically make the correct choices when there are risks. It is easy to appear wise when times are good, and many people seem to (then) be prosperous, successful, and are praised. It is easy to be praised for work just completed. The question is if you can continue with that Continue Reading

Two poems.

Searching for a herb named solace; they say it grows in hard ground; I am sure it used to grow here, somewhere. It goes with nearly everything. Perhaps it is nowhere to be found. Better than heart’s ease, growing among honesty and patience. Julian O’Dea I wish I had a puppy mind to chew on Continue Reading

21 May 19.

Most of the time you have to plan. If you can see danger coming, you should plan. You should make provision. Particularly within the church, where we often have guidance by the spirit as to what to do. Our priority should always be those of faith: I have no doubt there were poor in Antioch Continue Reading

Daybook (Aussie)

The day after Scott Morrison won the Australian election, to the shock of the meida caste, the nightly news instead lead something else, and then had a post that included Morrison being ambushed on the way to church. This is the shortest reasonable analysis of what happened in Australia. Read the real thing. The sort Continue Reading

20 May 19

The next creation will, again, be good. It will not be broken: this one is broken, for we have broken it. In this creation, all sadness, all sickness, all pain and all grief will disappear. We will be as we ought to have been. There will be joy. In this world, and in this time, Continue Reading

Sunday Sonnet

This morning we were confronted in church by an exposition on Genesis, how Jacob would not cross into the promised land because he feared Esau, who was arriving with 400 picked men. How in faith he was willing to send others, but his past made him fearful. He did not want to be vulnerable. The Continue Reading

Sunday 19th May.

Why, you may ask, is persecution allowed? What is the reason that we seek opposition? God is sovereign, and he could end this age at any time. His enemies rage across the earth, spinning narratives, and then facing a reality not shown in their polls. A couple of reasons. Firstly, it makes people choose: either Continue Reading

18th May 2019

The current lectionary is a reminder of the things to come. The nations, or their woke elite, are raging against those of Christ. There are people losing their jobs and being told to ignore scripture and accede to the spirit of this age. This will not end well. It has never ended well. For the Continue Reading