Lectionary New Zealand

18 March 2020

Life is hectic at present with much panic and people looking for wisdom. But those who talk of wisdom and spirituality are bringing it up from broken cisterns, and talking about what is approved by the rulers. Our rulers have not only transgressed the word of God, but they deem it a hate crime. Jeremiah […]


29 July 19

I’m writing this at a time when one of the best sellers of the 1990s has blown up his marriage and his faith. He has missed the point: at times those things that you hope will last will not. There are marriages that blow up, there are illnesses that do not get healed, and there […]

New Zealand Social Change The Decline

Bleak Daybook.

I was waiting for my querolous papist brother to comment on the fire at Notre Dame. Mundabor is trenchant, and he does not disappoint. The visual signs of degeneration led to horror, to Frenchman singing hymns to the Virgin in the streets. But the rot was there. Our enemy deliberately set it. However, to me […]