Why is Easter so important to the Church? Simply put, if Jesus had not risen on the third day, he would have just become another long-forgotten person cruelly executed by the Roman empire. But…he rose from the dead never to die again, and to defeat death so that we can live with him for all Continue Reading

Lectionary Thursday 18th April.

Today is the last day for work in NZ, as both Good Friday and Easter Sunday are public holidays. The secular state has not removed them, yet. My church has posters up around town encourating people to an evangelical service on Sunday. So today, I’m using two passages: one from the gospel and one from Continue Reading

Lectionary Mon 15th April

It is the Monday before Easter. Six sleeps to Easter Sunday: A prayer for today from the Orthodox Church (who probably say we’ve got the dates wrong). Heavenly King, Comforter, Spirit of Truth, present in all places and filling allthings, treasury of good things and giver oflife: come; take Your abode in us; cleanse us Continue Reading