Adios, Zuck.

I have deactivated facebook. The only utility I have from the Faceborg is messenger (snapchat and instagram went ages ago), and as soon as I can that will go too. Then I will delete the account. I can tolerate a level of censorship from the NZ authorities — I can vote to get them out. […]

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Before we get into today’s scrapbook, ladies and gentlemen, don’t marry violent. They are often called crazy, but the case in the link is clearly a woman who was abusive to her husband — and when he took the regulation steps to protect himself and their children she allegedly killed him. There are evil people […]

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Most of this blog is text centric. Scrapbooks have images. Most are from Gab Photography today. Many cultures embrace war. Those who embrace peace lie: in conflict, total war they also embrace war, like religion. Fervently. Yes, war is hell, and nobody sane wishes for war. But at the same time boys love war because […]