Lectionary New Zealand

18 March 2020

Life is hectic at present with much panic and people looking for wisdom. But those who talk of wisdom and spirituality are bringing it up from broken cisterns, and talking about what is approved by the rulers. Our rulers have not only transgressed the word of God, but they deem it a hate crime. Jeremiah […]

Life The Decline

In a time of relevant lies, be irrelevant.

One of the things that has slowed me down this week is losing a contact lens. For various reasons, I have to use hard lenses and with them in I can see quite well, thank you. Without? Well, reading music is hard. Writing is hard — particularly if you read authors online and you can’t […]

Lectionary Social Change

May Day Lectionary

Some weeks and some days there is considerable stress. You are not being unduly concerned, the elite are out to silence you. Your contributions are unacknowledged, your way of living is considered lame, unfashionable, and in some way evil, and what they are trying to do is get us to fear. Today is 1 May: […]