Life Social Change The Decline


We need to start with a sad event: Rutger Hauer has died. I first saw him when I watched Blade Runner (I knew of Philip K Dick, but did not read the book until much later). The best version is the one without the monologue — the directors cut. Some people find this movie disturbing. […]

Life New Zealand Social Change The Decline

The people can always choose a new elite.

I think this was via Instapundit, but Mark Steyn has it correctly. Our rulers are there by our consent. That consent can be withdrawn. The example he is using is the European election (and I have friends, who are Scottish Nationalists, who see all this as a wedge issue driven by the Tory press barons, […]

New Zealand Social Change The Decline

Bleak Daybook.

I was waiting for my querolous papist brother to comment on the fire at Notre Dame. Mundabor is trenchant, and he does not disappoint. The visual signs of degeneration led to horror, to Frenchman singing hymns to the Virgin in the streets. But the rot was there. Our enemy deliberately set it. However, to me […]