Chartres Windows 1925COLOUR fulfils where Music has no power: By each man’s light the unjudging glass betrays All men’s surrender, each man’s holiest hour And all the lit confusion of our days- Purfled with iron, traced in dusk and fire, Challenging ordered Time who, at the last, Shall bring it, grozed and leaded and wedged Continue Reading

Friday Kipling.

Kipling wrote about the rankers. Yes, it was colonialism. But there was honour, and truth, and beauty. Our postcolonial time has lost these. Gunga Din You may talk o’ gin and beerWhen you’re quartered safe out ‘ere,An’ you’re sent to penny-fights an’ Aldershot it;But when it comes to slaughterYou will do your work on water,An’ Continue Reading

Monday Kipple

Most people don’t think of Kipling as a religious poet, but this is a religious poem: late in his life. The execution is that of St Paul. At His Execution I am made all things to all men– Hebrew, Roman, and Greek– In each one’s tongue I speak, Suiting to each my word, That some Continue Reading