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Two prophets. 21 March 2020

When I looked at this I thought: why is one of the bloddy passages of scripture placed next to high theology? Most people know John 1: it is the first part of the NT translated when learning Greek, for reasons (John and Luke have the best Greek of the Apostles, the others wrote in the […]


23 February 2020: The last Sunday before Lent.

The world contines to do what they do. The press is full of this or that scandal, and the best thing to do is ignore them. Today is a day when we should go and give thanks to God and rest. For we are not called to look at metaphors and myths, but the bare […]

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New Year’s Eve, 31 December 19.

Jesus is the light we should live under. If we need to hide what we are doing, it’s generally unwise [1]. Christ says those who follow him don’t do things in alleyways. They confront, at times they disobey the rules of their nation, for we have never been promised righteous rulers. But the Pharisees showed […]