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Most of this blog is text centric. Scrapbooks have images. Most are from Gab Photography today. Many cultures embrace war. Those who embrace peace lie: in conflict, total war they also embrace war, like religion. Fervently. Yes, war is hell, and nobody sane wishes for war. But at the same time boys love war because […]

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Daybook Queens Birthday.

Last night, on the day when the diverse sexualities have their official celebration day, Brian Tamaki apologised for the mean things he had said to them. This was not enough for many of the rainbow community, who immediately turned on those who had discussed their experience with him and supported him in making this statement. […]

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Social media regulation daybook.

One of these things is not like the other. One of these people is wrong, or both are right. It is fair to say that random bannings have an effect on the average person akin to random alcohol breath tests — the former means that you don’t talk truth on social media, and the latter […]